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  • Password reset question

    Took me ages to work it out as I kept on typing in numbers, rather than the numbers spelt in letters. I got it wrong first time round anyway cos I couldn't see the anchor...

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    I'll try and pop some different questions on - was the first thing that came to mind about half an hour ago, had to try and stop a million spambots who seem to be immune to the make-out-the-muddled-up-letters thingy.
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      The current question worked ok for me =]

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        I had some fun and games but then managed to get it to work. ( My main problem was I forgot what one of E-mail addresse I used to register with ).

        Also it seems if you get the question wrong once then you have to close the tab and come back to the site as then after the answer is always wrong even if it isnt.
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