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  • Virus?

    Has the forum caught a virus? All the text is in a weird format where all the words have been translated into (what google tells me) is "owo language". Only seems to be on the desktop site, not mobile. I thought it was just me but its only happening on here and happens on my laptop and my phone (only if I put it in desktop mode).

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    I saw a post on the anonymous forum linking us to life insurance so maybe...


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      Happening on the mobile site as well now


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        Bizarre! Just looked at it using Waterfox and Edge and Waterfox shows it just fine, but Edge it goes all crap. Firefox on my phone is garbage as well.

        Oh, it was me that deleted that stupid post from guest - but I never clicked on the link - so did not download or follow anything.
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          Thanks god others have noticed it. I thought I was losing it for a minute there lol


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            Can't even get on the forum using chrome/safari at the moment! Whenever I click on anything it just refreshes the homepage. Posting this through tapatalk on my phone which still seems to be working.... And no weird language through tapatalk either!

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              Thanks for your patience.

              We had an issue where some files were injected via FTP causing these problems.

              The problem has been fixed and precautions taken.

              The issue did not affect the database which remained secure throughout. There are no virus transmission hazards.

              Sorry it took some time to repair, these things always happen at the worst times!

              Hello! I'm Chris. I'm away a lot so I'm sorry if it takes me a while to reply to messages, but I promise I'll get back to everyone. If it's urgent, please email me directly at [email protected].

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                Glad to hear you got it fixed CD! This site is the only one of its kind, so its rather valuable! I was missing it when it was down for a week!


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                  A bittewsweet devewopment. i hope you bwing back the OwO text fiwtew fow speciaw occasions, it was weawwy cute >w<

                  At vewy weast, an admin shouwd owo-ify this thwead to pwesewve its context
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