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    I think this forum is a great way for like minded people to share knowledge. I’m a very inquisitive person and I do get a lot of random questions popping into my head (most of which I’m hard pressed to find a satisfying answer to). I think it would be great to have a section where we have people with expert knowledge in various aspects of the job so people can post questions of a technical nature and hopefully get a good answer from somebody in the know.

    I also think this could help with upcoming inspections, audits and surveys where people can ask questions that they can’t find online or in a book.

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    Hi there, we already have the deck, engine and electro-technical subsections of the forum, so specific questions on technical matters should be posted in one of those please.

    This forum has been running for 9 years now, I was a cadet when we started and am now a Chief Mate, many of our members have been at sea for much longer than that too and I think we have a wide base of highly experienced (and therefore expert) people who can answer questions. However, please remember that none of us get paid for this, we are all busy people with our own lives and jobs, and very often still, limited access to the internet at sea. We do our best but are not here to spoon feed people - very often the best way to learn is to go and dive into a really boring technical document and actually read it and re-read it until it makes sense! If you have a specific question I'd suggest doing some research of your own first, and if you need help understanding a specific point, include what you've already found in your research in your post so that the "experts" don't have to first go and google stuff for you - as with any public forum, vague questions will likely be met with vague answers!


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