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  • Sept recruitment

    Does anyone know if Chiltern Maritime are still recruiting for Sept?

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    Hi Arjami,

    Within the last 2-3 weeks, I went through the interview process and obtained a cadetship through Chiltern. I was told I was just in time, however it certainly wouldn't do any harm to give them a call and ask. Everyone there is very helpful and professional, and I'm sure will strive to try and accommodate you if they can


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      If you are interested in a cadetship for Sep 18 or Jan 2109 we are still recruiting so visit our website at where you can apply
      We operate cadetships that offer varied ships over the whole range of marine sectors and during your sea time you will get a variety of ship types which will allow you to decide which sector you wish to follow.
      I know the concern is that there are not jobs - our recent survey showed that 86% of our cadets went to sea and a further 4% that didn't go to sea stay within the marine industry

      We welcome any questions you may have and you - ask here or send an email to

      Thank you

      Chiltern Maritime


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        Was thinking along the same lines. Will try myself