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  • [COMPLETED] Spam

    Seem to be a lot of spam recently. Any chance Regestered members could get tools to deal with it wen mods aren't around? Or how about Making somebody's first few posts need to be audited before they are displayed like the anon board?

    Sorry to be a pain

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    Re: Spam

    No worries, we are looking into it and there is a large amount of things going on "behind the scenes" to try and combat this. The H is being tardy with an upgrade though but dont tell him I said that
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      Re: Spam

      There's one big thing you can do for us to help; hit the little "report post" button - this flags it up and allows us to delete it all from one page instead of having to go through each post individually to delete them :-)

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        Re: Spam

        Didn't realise I've just been reporting one of their posts so as not to clog up your in boxes.


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          Re: Spam

          This has been addressed, we currently have several measures in place to either prevent, or if they get past those defences to reduce the amount of spam.

          As said above, if anything is spotted then please use the report button, as this makes it alot quicker for any mods to pick up on.
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