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Officercadet Seagoing Salary Survey 2015

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    Ship Type: Oil/Product/Chemical Tankers, LNG
    Rank: Captain
    Leave Ratio: Between 2&4 months back to back
    Salary: £67,678
    Pension: MNOPP optional
    Benefits: Business Class Flights longhaul, Performance related bonuses, Spouse/Partner on board (+ 1 single flight paid per year)


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      Ship Type: Chemical Tankers
      Rank: Captain
      Leave Ratio: B2B
      Salary: £67,976 - £76,649
      Pension: 6% employer / 4% employee
      Benefits: Performance related bonuses, Spouse travel paid


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        Ship Type: Container
        Rank: 4th Engineer
        Leave Ratio: 0.69
        Salary: £26,611 (HNC), £29,569 (HND/FD etc.)
        Pension: 6% employer / 4% employee
        Benefits: Spouse travel paid (1 trip per year)


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          Asd harbour tug mate

          Ship type: Harbour ASD Tug

          Nationality: True Brit.

          Rank: Mate (Hold a UK 500 Ton Near coastal Masters Ticket)

          Leave: Week on, Week off, with 4 weeks annual leave on top!

          Salary: £52,000 before overtime, earnt £73,000 last Tax year,

          Pension: 15% company contributes towards pension.

          On me week on work 24 hours on and 24 hours off.

          Dead mans shoes job! New entrants on inferior contract, even if you have class 1 Deck or Engine CoC your at the back of the queue , a 30 mile inshore ticket that most of these guys have as they started as a cook is superior in the Towage world! Amazing, that's how it is, who needs to go silly with celestial nav, Stability, Cargo ops, when you don't even leave the Harbour!
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            For those of you interested in the Luxury yacht sector there is a good survey on Dockwalk's website for both Captain's and other officers that is a good collation of results of many people.


            Other Crew

            "Any damn fool can navigate the world sober. It takes a really good sailor to do it drunk." - Sir Francis Chichester.

            "Waves are not measured in feet or inches, they are measured in increments of fear." - Buzzy Trent

            "Careers at Sea" Ambassador - Experience of General Cargo, Combo ships, Tanker, Product Carrier, Gas Carrier, Ro-Ro, Reefer Container, Anchor Handlers.


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              Service Engineer

              No longer technically sea going but still work on-board on a 3 days on to 1 off +40 days annual leave on top.

              Last year I earned 74,000 GBP including overtime.


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                Ship Type: ERRV
                Rank: Jnr 2nd Eng / 3rd Eng
                Leave Ratio: 4 weeks on/off
                Salary: 28600
                Pension:Not very good so will be getting my own private one set up soon
                Benefits:Its a job..... not really any that I know of I join I work I leave
                Any other details:Salary can be boosted with a number of bonuses, If you are on a ship with daughter craft you get something like £200 a trip extra, If you are the 1st Advanced Medical aider thats £300 extra a trip. Second AMA gets £150. Some rigs/companies also pay a extra daughter craft bonus which can be quite good im told.


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                  Service engineer. Just to make your salary comparable. I calculate you work 244 days a year. (365-40)×(3/4).

                  So youre on a day rate of £303. Presumably taxed. So after tax but before NIC 55,000 pa or £225 per day. Not bad at all.
                  Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers


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                    Ship Type: ROPAX ferry
                    Rank: 3EO/4EO
                    Leave Ratio: 1 week/1 week. Twice a year three weeks off.
                    Salary: £38,000
                    Pension: Rubbish, everyone collects houses as a pension.
                    Benefits: cheap travel, Pepsi machine, constant phone signal, 80% odd off UK rail travel, cheap air fares (up to 80% off), local business discounts (cheap cars, tyres, furniture), no tax if you spend 6 odd weeks abroad per year.
                    Any other details: Pepsi machine not always functional.


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                      Do you get your tax back?
                      Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers


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                        Ship Type:HSC
                        Leave Ratio:1week on/off or 2 on/off
                        Salary: class 4: 36k class2 42k (doing the same job)
                        Pension: companys doubles your contribution
                        Benefits: getting home everynight if you live locally, 33 days leave,
                        Any other details: training and career developement is hit and miss if your face fits. Nonexistant if it doesn't. Safety is big knee jerks about minor things, but major or long term issues disappear under the carpet.


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                          Rotation: (weeks) 4/5/6 on 4/5/6 off

                          Salary: £43500

                          Benefits: none


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                            Ship Type: Will find out in Phase 2!!
                            Rank: Cadet
                            Leave Ratio:Monday- Friday 9-5 when ashore, at sea TBC
                            Salary: £780/month
                            Pension: Nothing as of yet
                            Benefits: Away from home
                            Any other details: Potential to be placed on a variety of different vessels, therefore giving me a good idea of what I would like to work on in the future
                            Phase 5 Engine Cadet at City of Glasgow College


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                              Ship Type: Cruise
                              Rank: 2/O
                              Leave Ratio: 4:2 month rotation +/- 1
                              Salary: $5000/month paid onboard only
                              Pension: No
                              Benefits: Friends and family travel policy
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                                Originally posted by AnonymousPerson View Post
                                Ship Type: Cruise
                                Rank: 2/o
                                Leave Ratio: 4:2 month rotation +/- 1
                                Salary: $5000/month
                                Pension: No
                                Benefits: friends and Family travel policy
                                Is that $5000 every month or only while on board?


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