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Officercadet Seagoing Salary Survey 2015

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  • Officercadet Seagoing Salary Survey 2015

    Post your salary and package information for the 2015 survey. Please post

    Important Details

    Ship Type:
    Leave Ratio:
    Any other details:

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    Please restrict this thread to salary details, and post all discussion of salaries here please:

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    Australia - DP AHTS / Supply Vessels


    Master: £109,898
    Chief Officer: £91,444
    2nd Officer: £81,415
    Chief Engineer: £107,699
    2nd Engineer: £91,444
    3rd Engineer: £81,415

    Casual (with 20% loading in lieu of redundancy, long service leave etc)

    Master: £131,878
    Chief Officer: £109,733
    2nd Officer: £97,698
    Chief Engineer: £129,239
    2nd Engineer: £109,733
    3rd Engineer: £97,698

    Leave: 1:1.153 (5 week or 4 week trips, accumulating the additional leave)
    Construction Allowance: £88 per day if involved in construction project
    Pension: 14.5% Contributed by company; 5% contributed by employee

    Other Benefits: Private Health Insurance, Loss of Certificate Insurance, Redundancy and Long Service Leave

    However, above is subject to income tax (circa 35-38%) so does balance out quite somewhat. Conditions such as redundancy, sick leave, long service leave, and disciplinary processes are all in line with shore side conditions, which is very good unlike many flag of convenience ships.

    All salaries converted to GBP with exchange rate os of 1st July 2015.


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      Cruise Vessel - Worldwide

      Permanent Position

      Salary: 3rd Officer - £23,550 PA

      Leave: 4 months on: 2 months off

      Pension: none!


      -Unlikely to be subject to tax
      -Reduced flight fares & cruise prices
      -Spouse onboard policy

      Feeling I could be doing better...


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        Chief Engineer

        Offshore Support Vessels

        Permanent contract, 2 months on / off, paid on leave.

        US$104k plus annual performance related bonus (usually around 10% extra)

        Only downside is that without careful management you can end up a prisoner to the exchange rate.


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          Cruise - 3rd Officer

          £27500 P.A , 12 weeks on 6 weeks off rota however usually time for time.

          3% Pension matched up to 6% with service.

          Very good family travel policy.

          Very cheap cruises.


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            OOW Engineer ERRV North Sea

            Salary:£28627, Norway foreign crew change every year so tax back is pretty much guranteed.

            Bonus: £200 per trip bonus for vessel fitted with Daughter craft.

            Rotation: 4weeks on 4 weeks off

            Pension: 2% Company 1% Employee


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              Ship Type: North Sea ERRV
              Rank: 3rd Engineer
              Leave Ratio: 28 days on/ 28 days off
              Salary: £35,000


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                Third officer
                3 on 2 off
                No pension
                Closest I've came to a benefit is a company branded pen


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                  North Sea
                  2nd Officer

                  Rotation: 4 on 4 off

                  Salary: £42000

                  Benefits: 3% pension increasing to 5% for senior officers


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                    "Between contracts"

                    Salary: £00,000.00
                    Rank: Various
                    Location: London
                    Ratio: 0 on:4 off
                    Vessel type: Bicycles / Shanks' pony
                    Benefits: Regular contact with cheery recruitment folk. Plenty of time for house based projects

                    Hopefully short contract.


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                      Ship Types: Oil/Product/Chemical/LPG
                      Rank: 3/O
                      Leave Ratio: 90 days on, 66 days off
                      Salary: £29,400
                      Pension: 3% after 6 months

                      Ship Types: Oil/Product/Chemical/LPG
                      Rank: 2/O
                      Leave Ratio: 90 days on, 66 days off
                      Salary: £38,532
                      Pension: 3% after 6 months


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                        Ship Type: Cruise
                        Rank: 2nd Officer
                        Leave Ratio: 12 weeks on : 8 weeks off
                        Salary: $64,500 (£41k at current exchange rate)
                        Pension: Optional but offered - Company matches your contributions up to 10% of salary after 12 months.
                        Benefits: Friend / Family members travel free in your cabin, or substantial discounts on passenger cabins, Private worldwide medical care for employee (and partner if applicable), training allowance towards professional licences / further education, discounts with various companies.


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                          Ship Type: Product, Oil and Gas tankers
                          Rank: 2/ETO
                          Leave Ratio: 90 days on 69 off (12 weeks: 9 weeks)
                          Pension:0% employer contribution
                          Benefits:life assurance
                          Any other details:good for sed claim but you must pay ni
                          Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers


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                            Ship Type: Cruise
                            Rank: Captain
                            Leave Ratio: 3:3
                            Salary:55,000 GBP Basic
                            Pension:5% company contribution
                            Benefits: Bonus up to 30%, unlimited family travel, premium or business flights.
                            Any other details:


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                              Ship Type: LNG, Tankers
                              Rank: Captain
                              Leave Ratio: Between 2 & 4 months back to back
                              Salary: £67,678
                              Pension: MNOPP optional
                              Benefits: Business Class flights (mostly), Spouse/Partner allowed on board (1 single fare paid by company per year), Bonuses paid based on performance and compared to others of same rank.
                              Any other details:


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