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    my son is stuck at Anchorage 30 miles from land of the coast of brazil , he has informed clyde marine that he has finished his sea time and needs to come home , he has his 6 month sea time but they say he may not get home untill the 30th as he is stuck offshore does anybody know if there any regulations about this
    cheers gastap

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    Regulations about what exactly? Why does he need to come home? Is it urgent or is it just "I've done my seatime, I want off now"?
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      Is he on his first phase as a deck cadet or is he an engine cadet? Worst case is that he will get an extra 2 weeks which is not a bad thing. If it's as a deckle on first trip then the more he gets now the better. During my cadetship I was kept on a ship for an extra 2 months after I'd completed my sea time requirement so I know it feels bad for him but he'll have that bit more experience when it comes to orals providing he applies himself for the next fortnight.


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        How many months has he completed?

        If it's only six then you need to remind yourself and your son that being on board is not a prison sentence, he's there to learn. Six months sea time is the minimum required, not the maximum.


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          Unfortunately this is can happen in the industry and if you go deep sea it may be more likely, I have 3 month contracts with my company and my last contract ended up being 5 months because we were 'waiting on orders'. However I had asked for a one month extension so I only really got held on for 1 more month.

          It's highly unlikely that your son knows all there is to know about his chosen profession, so he should take this extra time as a blessing in disguise really. Consider that some people DO NOT get enough sea time and this ends up in them getting back phased putting up to several months delay on there career progression.

          Most contracts will come with terms like "3 month trip +/- 1 month which covers the company.

          Nothing to do but to wait it out and make the most of it.
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            Do you still have to sign running articles when you join a ship?
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              2 year articles currently...... So rolling ish

              As for I've done my MINIMUM time I want off...... Tuff, sorry but it's a minimum, unless there is a completing reason, got with the flow, more experience is better.
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                Originally posted by endure View Post
                Do you still have to sign running articles when you join a ship?
                With the advent of MLC there is no need for running articles or crew agreements for flag states that are MLC compliant. That is the reason why crew now have to carry a copy of their contact on board with them now since MLC has been implemented. Apparently there is actually no official need to sign on and off any more, but it is still done on many boats out of long formed habit.

                Sorry to hear about your son getting stuck out at the anchorage OP. It is frustrating when the date you are due off is moved, but that can the nature of working at sea.

                It is especially tough if a trip is not being enjoyed for what ever the circumstance you son is under. Imagine being trapped on a floating prison being the only one that can speak English having your date of release shifted... it would be soul crushing.


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                  First trip I was told I was getting off by helicopter at Cape Town after 5 months. They changed their mind and I got off in Europe after 7 months. I wasn't happy but it's something you have realise can happen at any time when you're deep sea.
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                    OK guys thanks for the reply's, i work on the Riggs so i'm not used to being detained lol he isn't too bothered just his mother is haha


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