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  • Disabled students allowence (dsa)

    Hi, i have a place at college in september and was wondering if anyone had any experience applying for disabled students allowence whilst at maritime college (rather than uni), or if it is even possible outside of the ucas system?

    I appreciate any comments etc.

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    I would suggest having just read a bit on it that you should be able to but...

    As you would need a note from a medical practitioner that could call into question your ability to hold and ENG1 and work at sea, if it is for dyslexia then this may not be an issue but bear in mind that maritime colleges aren't used to this sort of thing and it may be a bit of a hassle.

    I'm not suggesting anything but bear in mind that if you emphasise anything in order to receive this allowance it could have the effect of calling into question your ability to have a career at sea.

    One of my mates at college had slight dyslexia and he used to get an extra 15mins in exams so college support is not totally unheard of but I doubt very much you will find anyone else in country claiming this allowance (I could be totally wrong!)
    Pilotage - It's just a controlled allision


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      Applying for DSA will be fine so long as you have a disability which is recognised by the government and can prove it to them.

      You will be studying one of the eligable courses to receive it (HNC, HND, Fd Degree or a degree) so where or how you study it (out of UCAS) is not a problem. Apply for it as normal.

      You are also allowed/eligable to apply for a student loan if that's of any interest.


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        First of all, congratulations on getting your place for September.

        I'd be careful with that one. My advice is to check with the college and with your company, just in case.

        In my experience, college and companies can be a bit funny about some things. In line with what Pilot Chris has said really. I don't mind discussing my experiences further,(just not publicly on the internet) feel free to drop me a pm though if you think it might be helpful

        I really hope they're useful and that you get all the support you're entitled to.


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          Thanks for all of the comments guys. I definitely appreciate how it may look, especially to my company (despite holding an unconditional eng1), which was partly why i posted. I was mostly just wondering if anyone else had experienced this situation..


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