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  • Academic concerns

    I'm quite concerned with the academic side of things for the HND deck course. I feel as if I have failed my A levels, even though I haven't received my results yet, and I'm worried the HND will be much harder academically. I got the minimum gcse grades required for my place at college. I seem to have a loathing for exams right now.
    How hard is the HND? Do you need to be constantly studying to pass?

    Do you get much free time or is it a huge workload?
    How hard is it compared to A levels?

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    Re: Academic concerns

    The only way you will know the answer to your question is by doing a preliminary test.
    If you can't wait until the one they dish out in the first week, then I would recommend you get a copy of the K Stroud books, mentioned here: viewtopic.php?f=35&p=4840#p4840
    They are designed with little programmes for you to follow to train yourself; with review sections. If you follow the instructions, it works.
    If you are unsure of the syllabus content, we're planning to add that to the wiki in due course. Essentially, you're main focus should be making sure you can cope with algebra fraction sums and trigonometry to begin with.

    I wouldn't worry about A-level results, they aren't necessarily an ideal preparation for the sorts of things people do afterwards. I can tell you for a fact that people without A-levels do get to postgraduate level in technical and mathematical subjects - with a combination of good quality help & hard work/determination.

    As I understand it, the HND is for people who are deemed perfectly capable of doing the practical side of things, but who need more time and support with the academic side of things (which isn't meant to sound condescending, just accurate).

    As well as qualified officers, some of the cadets on this site are in the middle or latter stages of the courses, and others are just beginning have got university level maths; I hope all will be happy to help with any sums and explanations - and build up some help on the wiki or on downloadable pdf documents.

    I think you do need to get your head round the fact that the course will be intense, and you will need to do homework every other night probably; so you need to get some "study buddies", and find a way of motivating yourself to keep going and push through the brain pain, or the temptation to wander off - either physically or mentally.

    The point of this site is ultimately for cadets and officers at all levels to share help and knowledge to help each other achieve their potential, so we'll all get out of it as much as we put in.
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      Re: Academic concerns

      Originally posted by nemo
      As I understand it, the HND is for people who are deemed perfectly capable of doing the practical side of things, but who need more time and support with the academic side of things (which isn't meant to sound condescending, just accurate)
      The HND is a curious thing - mainly there now as an entry route for those without A-Levels, and so allowing the 16/17 year olds an option.

      It's a bit frustrating in a way - I did all of my Irish Leaving Certificate courses/preparation, but never took the final exams. Since then, I've done some Open Uni maths bits and kept myself reasonably well-versed academically. But because I never took those exams, I have to do the HND.

      I don't mind so much because it's all the same thing in the end, you get your ticket and cover the same subjects. However, the fact remains that the HND is both a longer course and is commonly seen as inferior to the FD, despite the fact that this is not neccesarily true.
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        Re: Academic concerns

        I don't know whether it's universally seen as inferior. Certainly some people might see the word "degree", and think it means something special. AIUI the FD only means you get less time to do the important stuff, and get loaded up with UCAS points. FDs are all about centralisation.

        I think most employers understand and prefer HNCs and HNDs; the FDs are pandering to the academic fetish of the Britain's recently ousted Marxist (Zeppo rather than Richard or Karl) chimp regime.

        As for c?il?ochta? na hEirinn, it's all Greek to me.
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          Re: Academic concerns

          One advantage of the foundation degree course is that it exempts you from all the MCA written examination papers (unless you fail to pass them!), and depending upon your college some of the end of phase exams for some subjects are replaced with coursework / projects.

          Its also good if you wish to get a full BSc - if you do the course at Warsash, this means you do an extra couple of months at the end to get your BSc. Although this varies by what college you did your FD course at.

          Otherwise the content of the two is pretty much the same, the MNTB Training Portfolios that you take to see are different two - FD don't have to write reports for their TRB - but you have to create a Navigation & Operations Workbook instead which amounts to the same thing in the end.


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            Re: Academic concerns

            I have many UCAS points and a Pluming ticket, however I am doing the HND Engineering course. Which I do not mind too much because the extent of my maths has been "I started with 20, smoked 11 how many do I have left"

            So really it is a blessing I'm doing the HND. Which leads to my question. Do the maths sections differ between the FD and the HND??

            I'm def gonna hunt out study bretherins, otherwise and I will find my self "In a world of hell"
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