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    Just after a little insight as to what its like for a female on ship. I.e. has anyone ever experienced any discrimination?

    Is it hard to shave your legs when the boats rocking about? Have you ever had to share cabins?

    Don't get me wrong, i'm willing to get absolutely stuck in like anyone else. I wouldn't by any means want any special treatment.


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    Hi, I have sailed with lots of women on ships and while sadly discrimination does still exist, it is becoming less and less as more and more women go to sea.

    The only time I have ever known females to have to share cabins is when there are two female cadets onboard, I believe that many of the colleges also make people share in halls.

    Couldn't really advise you on shaving your legs, but I know that before I discovered the joys of electric shavers I never used to go anywhere near my face with a razor when the weather was bad (my face and the rest of my head was usually either down the toilet or in a bucket!)

    Getting stuck in is the answer, there will be guys who think that you shouldn't be there at all, and guys who will try and mollycoddle you and not let you do any dirty jobs, the best way to deal with both of these is to get stuck in and get on with the work like everyone else.

    Hope this helps and feel free to PM me or ask more questions on here if you want any more info. We have quite a few female members on here so hopefully one or two will be along soon with a more informed opinion.
    Go out, do stuff


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      And a few big girls

      Basically be your self.......
      Trust me I'm a Chief.

      Views expressed by me are mine and mine alone.
      Yes I work for the big blue canoe company.
      No I do not report things from here to them as they are quite able to come and read this stuff for themselves.

      Twitter:- @DeeChief


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        Im a female cadet who has sailed with an all male foreign crew and i didnt really have any problems. At first they were a little unsure but i kept having to insist they treat me the same. After a week or so i wasnt looked any different to the other cadets. Although i did get told once that i shouldn't climb a ladder as im a girl. I just laughed it off as told them dont be so silly as it used to be my job to climb really tall ladders before i did this. As far a shaving legs, i took a conventional razor and never had any problems even in rough seas. I didnt share a cabin as i work on cargo as as far as im aware only cadets with cruise or rfa shared and that was with another female. The only other thing to bear in mind is to take enough female products with you as they are not the same buying them abroad.


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          It depends what kind of ship you are on, and where the people onboard are from. I'm a female cadet and have worked with brits, philipinos and pakistani's. Mostly they are fine, however with the pakistani's most of them are uncomfortable around females and will send you away to do menial j should obs so they dont have to work with you, it's not good, but it's the way it is and little can be done about it. But you should be fine.
          Cabin wise I've had to share on both my ships, usually really good that way, especially on cruise ships with regards to all the events you have to attend, difficult to keep track sometimes. Roomates differ though, sometimes yo can get along realy well, other times you just dont and in that case just keep out of each others way and try to be civil


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            I am a female 2nd year cadet just about to go on my final sea phase, last year I was placed on a buoy tender with all British crew and then on a ferry with all Russian/Ukrainian crew & polish officers. Don't get me wrong the Russian crew didn't take so well to having women onboard but you just have to get on with it unfortunately. Times are changing but at a very slow pace! comments were constantly made by the crew and officers about how I shouldn't be dong certain jobs and should be doing others. Saying this even the British crew were weary about certain jobs being done by a female, its not just foreign crews.

            I have never shared a cabin with another cadet, or even sailed with that many females. My company do try and send female cadets away on deep sea voyages with each other though. this doesn't mean you will automatically get on but it might be nice to have another female onboard (I don't no as they have never done this with me as of yet)


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