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(Possible) Criminal record

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  • alistairuk
    We are unable to provide legal advice regarding the US visa process, only they are able to tell you if it will affect you. please have a look at the London embassy website: (if your from the UK).

    There are numerous threads already regarding arrests / convictions and the US visa process, we suggest you have a read of some of these as although they are all different, the answer remains the same.

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  • Unregistered
    Guest started a topic (Possible) Criminal record

    (Possible) Criminal record

    hi, im looking into starting a cadetship soon but i have a problem: just after i turned 17 i got arrested for shoplifting, i got taken to the police station and they said they where going to take my prints, my photo, details and question me then send me a letter saying what will happen to me, they took my photo and my details but nothing else, then let me go. its been over a year now and i haven't get any letters saying i am getting charged or getting a formal warning or any other type of punishment, however the shop sent me a letter saying i am banned from their stores for some time and if i steal from them/go into any of their stores they will press charges or something along the lines of that, will this affect me being able to get a US visa for my cadetship ? Thanks for any help, and please don't judge as i have definitely learned from my mistake.