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    Ok, so I am registered here, and it is probably transparent who I am, but might as well attempt to save face :P

    Right, basically, I have agreed to do a bit of agency work early next month. In the interim a much better opportunity has come up, and as usual the dates clash :P

    I am very uncomfortable with the idea of going back on my word, but this is my first foray into the agency world, so my question is, does it happen much? Would I get away with it? (get away with in terms of not burning my bridges etc...)

    I feel like if it suited them, they would ditch me at the last minute, so why not the other way around, as that is part of the risk of temporary work?

    Like I said, I am extremely uncomfortable about changing my mind, and 99% probably won't do so, but I also don't want to sacrifice my opportunities on my good principles if I'm the only one out there doing it :P


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    If the other opportunity is permanent work as opposed to temporary agency work then go for it.

    The agency will probably understand and even if they don't, stuff them, you have to do what is right for you. Crewing agencies work for the ship owners, not for the candidates, they will not show you any loyalty and you don't owe them any.
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      Yeah I'd take the other job if you think it is a better opportunity.

      Had a similar situation recently when I got offered and accepted a job with one company, had a start date, joining info etc then got offered another job which was a lot more attractive for a number of reasons. Took the latter and backed out of the original job, don't regret it for a second. You've got to look after number one because no one else will.


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        Agree with the posts above - don't worry about it, they will have lots of other people biting their hand off for the work, so it's not as if the ship won't sail if you don't turn up.
        I was doing some temp work recently I had agreed to stay if it ran on, but it was looking like going much longer than I had bargained for so decided to bail - they found someone else quickly enough.
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          try to rationalize out why its a much better opportunity, more money may not be it, but if its experience on a ship type that you would like to move towards permanently or a company that you want to work for then its a foot in the door.

          certainly the company who you drop will remember it and instead of being the first call you may be the second next time they need someone however they are unlikely to black list you, however try to be professional about it, as has been said it will have happened to them before and will happen again but if you only call them the day they expect you to join then its not going to be so good for you in the future
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            It must happen to them all the time, just be truthful about it and let them know as soon as you can. As has been said, put yourself first.


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