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Maersk (Supply Service) Officer Recruitment Process

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  • Maersk (Supply Service) Officer Recruitment Process

    I am trying to find a little information about the normal interview questions and process for an experienced Deck Officer with Maersk Supply Service (or any part of Maersk would also be helpful)

    I believe the process is as follows:

    PLI Test
    PI Personality Test
    Telephone Interview HR
    Second Interview ??

    Is the second interview face to face? Or telephone? Does anyone know about interview questions from HR and how detailed the second interview is? Would be keen to know any feedback from experiences, as Maersk seem to go through a lot more of the corporate hoops then any position I've gone for before.


    P.S I am a regular poster on here, but have chosen to go anonymous for the moment for obvious reasons.

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    You can expect the second interview to be face to face, probably in Newcastle. It's a chance for them to get to know you, (and to make sure you are not a dribbling idiot I imagine). I guess the questions will depend on your background but they will want to see what you know about the work and your experiences. Given how picky they are, if you've been short listed for a second interview then I would see that as a positive sign. I don't believe the process differs much from any other Maersk interview, and by that I mean it would be the same drill for Maersk Line or Maersk Tankers.
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      Thanks for the response. I have completed all of the tests, and have the HR Telephone Interview scheduled for next week. I've done some googling and it seems that Maersk go quite in depth with their interviews. I am applying for a position through a crewing office in the Antipodes, but I am assuming its the same.

      All advice and tips appreciated.