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  • Carnival Interview

    Hi guys! I've been given a date for my interview with carnival Uk!😝 Is anyone currently with Carnival for a cadetship? If so, what should I expect at the interview day? Any help about the company or sites to go on will be appreciated! Thanks.

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    Hi there! I've approved this for the moment, but as it really isn't a sensitive question I'd greatly appreciate it if you would take a few seconds to register (it's free!) which will then allow you to a) post this question in the relevant section and b) prevent the mods from tearing their hair out when they get "post needing approval" notifications. There is a wealth of information on the forum (especially if you use the search box in the top right hand corner of the page) and there are lots of friendly helpful people around, but we do really like it when people help themselves and take notice of yellow boxes at the tops of pages.

    This thread will be locked as of now and deleted with 24hours.

    Your friendly neighbourhood mod S4.


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