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  • Leaving

    i am really considering leaving, being away from home for so long just isnt for me, i have tried but how do i go about doing this as i was told i can be fined up to ?3000?

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    Are you a cadet? If you are close to the end of your training I would suggest trying to stick it out, though I do sympathise with how you feel. Try to get something of value out of the years spent training.

    If you're not near the end, I would say speak honestly to your company. There has always been a certain number of cadets decide to leave during the cadetship, and I've never heard of anyone being charged for it, and frankly, if they are going to charge you, what is to stop you then simply 'failing' the course and being asked to leave?


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      It's always a horrible situation and there really are no easy answers.

      You need to ask yourself what has made you feel this way, I had a horrendous first trip as a cadet and wanted to leave, but enjoyed my second trip and was much happier. If you missed home while you were at sea after one trip then it may have had more to do with how the trip went than actually missing home, if you have done a few trips and you are sure it is not for you then you need to start looking at a way out, but as Condeh said, if you are that close to finishing your cadetship then try to leave with an HND under your belt.

      Unless you are going to get a job in your home town then at some point in your life you are going to be moving away from home, it's not easy, but it is part of life.

      Whatever decision you make, the bond money should be the least part of it, if you really do need to leave then do it, but on the other hand, if you would stay on if it got you out of paying the money then you obviously have it in you to finish the course and come out with something to show at the end of it.

      Good luck with whatever decision you choose and feel free to drop me a PM if you want to discuss anything confidentially, although I am presently in Thailand getting married so I may be a little slow to respond! (I am only online now because I have been banished from the room for a couple of hours while she gets ready for the ceremony)
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