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  • Predictions, UCAS Predictions and Exam Results

    Hi everyone,

    I'm in the process of applying for this Septembers intake, and I've hit a snag.

    Since the new year, I've sent around 14 applications, using the UCAS Predicted grades that were set at the start of this school year. These are also the predicted grades that went on my CV, and have got me interviews with companies in the next few weeks.

    Unfortunately, while filling out the Head's section of the application, she thought that these predictions were no longer suitable, and has shifted them down by several grades, to make Predictions based on assessments after the Christmas break. She says she cannot let me apply with the UCAS Predictions, when I have new revised predictions, though I don't believe them to be an accurate reflection of my capabilities.

    My argument was that my classmates haven't had their predictions in the UCAS system altered, post assessment, so why should I have to use the revised predictions, purely because I'm applying later in the year? It doesn't strike me as very fair.

    My problem now is that I have sent off all my applications, with the original grades, and received offers to attend interviews based on them. So far, I can see three options:

    1) Convince the head to reinstate the original grades, thereby avoiding the problem entirely, and work hard to make sure I reach them
    2) Say nothing at interviews, and work hard to make sure I get the grades
    3) Contact the companies, tell them they've been altered, and ask to alter my application or reapply, and hope certain companies don't take back the offer of an interview

    I'm keen to do the FD route, otherwise I'd feel like I've wasted time in college when I could already be in training and beginning to earn money!


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    It's a no brainer for me, option 2 all the way.

    Unless the companies you are applying for are ever going to see the heads section of the application then just say nothing and if it is ever queried explain that the predicted grades you used on the application were correct at the time of the application.
    Go out, do stuff


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      Thanks for your advice Clanky - it was what my initial thing was. Luckily, I've just had an email off her agreeing to use the original predictions!


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        Good news.
        Go out, do stuff


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