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Could a back condition sever my chances of gaining an unrestricted ENG1

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  • Could a back condition sever my chances of gaining an unrestricted ENG1


    About three years ago I went over a bench at school (senior school Year 8) and hurt my back. For three years I was being thrown back and forth (not literally thank god) between different consultants, Physio's etc etc. Then one day about 5 mounts ago a Orthopedic consultant decided that it would be a good idea for me to go and have an MRI on my Lumber sacrel (lower spine) area.

    The results came about 2 weeks later where they told me that I had broken the L4 Vertebrae in my spine. I've been fitted with a lumber corset (back brace) and depending on my appointment late this mouth I'll know the verdict if it has healed or not.

    My Question would be that with my back problem will the ENG1 doctor have to delve deeper into my medical history (not that I have anything to hide of course) which will then mean longer waiting times for me to get my certificate, or if worst came to worst not getting it at all? Could anyone give me any relative experiences? Oh and I should add the doctor does have me doing Swimming, Cycling, relaxation stuff etc. etc. so its not that incapable of doing movement it just causes me pain from time to time!

    Thank you very much for your help

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    Thats a really tricky question the best person to ask will be the dr who will do your eng1. I would just phone and ask them.


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      Again, it is very hard to say - You will have to disclose it because they do ask if you have had any operations or or significant medical issues.
      Have you considered asking your consultant for a specialist opinion? - the guys that do ENG 1's are pretty much all GP's and if your consultant it prepared to put in writing that in his view your injury is not so bad that it rules out working on a ship, then that might be one solution.
      The other solution is to go as soon as possible and take the ENG 1 - they cost 80 quid - and just see how the land lies, if you are otherwise fit and health and the surgical intervention is stable etc then I can't see why you would not be able to get one.
      Cruise ship Captain with experience on-board Passenger Vessels ranging from 5500-150000 GRT.


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