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    So at the moment I'm contemplating a career in the MN. I have sent away all my applications and have gained a few interviews however now I'm starting to get cold feet. I don't want to be accepted to say no sorry it's not for me or even accept the sponsorship and struggle through the whole course wanting to leave.

    My main concerns lie with my Mathematical ability. My maths (in my eyes) is below par for what is required for the MN as I have learnt that the course is 'maths heavy'. I'm currently sitting my GCSE's and am having to work hard to try and revise for a foundation paper!

    In your opinion would I still have a shot at the course if I only got a C? Or would it be so much of a challenge I would struggle.

    Thanks for your help guys and girls

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    hey I only got a C and I am fine they really good at the collages because they start everyone off on really easy stuff and then move to the harder stuff as time progresses
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      I would not let your perceived lack of ability in maths hold you back from a career in the MN. The course is not that maths heavy and I know of several people who managed to get through it with a similar handicap!

      The good thing is that the colleges are setup to help you with maths from the very beginning and some people find that the practical real world application of it helps make sense of it.

      So in short, if you get through your GCSE you will be OK (you will need to work hard at it though) - is that the only aspect of it giving you cold feet? - it's not really a day job, it's a way of life so I suggest speaking with as many people as possible in the industry and getting as much info as possible before committing to it - but on the whole I would recommend it!
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        Are you going for deck or engine?

        There is quite a lot of maths in the course, but as has been said above the colleges don't just throw it at you and leave you to struggle, they are there to help.
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          I've been told that once you qualify, you don't really use the maths that much as a computer will do it all for you
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            Thanks guys


            Thanks for all your input guys much apreciated. I do love the life that it would bring. Dad, grandad and uncles were/are officers in the merchant and Royal Navy and the way they sort of live is appealing!

            I'm looking at going into training as a deck cadet and I don't really mind if I go on passenger, cargo, tanker etc just really want a life at sea. Rough weather and modern day pirates may get me a little bit going but other than that it's just the maths

            I would just hate it to sit in the class room behind on something like maths. I can get my head around it fine but it's the learning and understanding of the maths that gets me. I'm currently being home tutored (due to an injury) and I sat a test (to find my knowledge of maths) and my result was above average yet I still getconfused over it.

            Overall what I'm really trying to say is that I don't want to deny someone a place knowing that if the maths gets too hard and I'm so behind I will not enjoy it. All most trinfg to think ahead.

            Like I said thank you all so much for offering your comments. It really is apreciated. Could you just give me an idea of how colleges support you in maths?? Thanks agian


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              Ah yes, while not wanting to seem old - you don't really use maths once qualified! - HOWEVER, how nice it is to know how to do it should you need to!
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                If its any help, maths wasnt my strongest at school either and I only sat the foundation paper too . However the vibe I get from everybody on here other people will help you through it in your class, and in turn if your stronger on something (for example Flags) then you can help them with that. So all in all dont really worry too much about it...I start at fleetwood in September and I'm looking forward to it
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