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Will working on superyachts change my ticket to limited?

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  • Will working on superyachts change my ticket to limited?

    Have been considering changing to super yachts, and because I don't want my employer to know, I'm anonymous.

    I have heard rumours that if the vessels you work on as OOW are under 3000 GT then when it comes to revalidation they will limit your ticket. Is there any truth in this? I currently hold OOW unlimited.

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    I'm sure working on a superyacht will still have your OOW unlimited


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      Also if it's under 3000 GT but the yacht requires an officer unlimited then it should be fine


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        best to check the MGN notice as well. I think it's this one but only glanced through

        if not you can find it here


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          Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
          Is there any truth in this?
          No, there is not. Training and examinations lead to limitations - sea service does not.


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            The only requirements for the vessel are :

            have served as a master or deck officer in seagoing ships of any flag (other than fishing vessels) of more than 80 gt or 24 metres in length, for at least 12 months (which need not be continuous) during the preceding 5 years;
            So you should be sorted


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              When I worked on them saw the Chief Officer gain his MCA Master Mariner Unlimited and the 2nd engineer got his MCA Chiefs Unlimited all with time served on yachts.


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                Is there not a minimum gross tonnage for ships to count towards sea time for your next CoC?

                What you may have heard is that if you are sailing on vessels under that size then you may only be able to get a limited chief officer's CoC.

                As far as revalidation goes, then I really don't know, but I would think that there must be some limit to what size vessel counts towards revalidation?
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                  Essentially, you have to consider that a commercially registered yacht is still a ship in the sense of what is required to operate it. It applies all of the conventions, goes through flag and class surveys, port state control inspections, implements ISM, ISPS etc. It may have a nice shiny exterior and teak decks, but underneath that and behind the fa?ade of the guest areas it is pretty much the same as any ship. As mentioned you can use the sea time on vessels "more than 80 gt or 24 metres in length" towards the initial issue and revalidation of an unlimited license, or a 3000gt license.
                  People may also talk about a 3000GT(Y) license, this is a license below that of a 3000GT OOW ticket and is restricted only to yachts and is a little simpler to obtain. Personally I think this license is a big mistake, and that the MCA should just issue the STCW compliant 3000gt tickets only. With an OOW Unlimited ticket you can CHOOSE to either go towards a 3000GT(Y) Mate/Masters ticket or a Mate/Master Unlimited CoC with seatime onboard a yacht.
                  Although, I will say, that the MCA is becoming fairly strict on one aspect of yacht seatime, in that they want evidence to show the vessel was actually at sea rather then alongside for the periods you were onboard. Some yachts may spend the entire year sat alongside. This can slow down the seatime accumulation.

                  Personally, I'd say if you want to go into yachting, go onto the 3000gt+ yachts, particularly those that operate with a PSSC rather then a Cargo Ship Safety Certificate, as you will have less competition for work.


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                    Also be aware you may get a bit of a hammering (especially at mates level) at your orals on cargo work.
                    Pilotage - It's just a controlled allision


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