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  • Missed dsto signature

    In the trb, can a captain sign a bit designated for the dsto - on account of having authority of the master?- sufficed to say I cannot get signature from the dsto anymore.

    Any information or previous knowledge will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    Is this the monthly reports section?

    Has the previous DSTO paid off already?
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      No it's the sea service record testimonial on page 15.

      Everything else was signed by them but I missed that 1 bit.. I would 'sign' it for them but their signature is complicated. Would a simple signature from the captain In lieu of the dsto be accepted by the powers that be?


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        The chief/dsto signed everything in the trb but I missed his signature on the sea service testimonial at the front of the folder (page 15).

        Im not on ship that ship now and I would do his signature myself but its pretty complicated.

        Could the captain sign it with his nice and simple signature?

        Thanks for replying


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          DO NOT FORGE SIGNATURES end of discusion..........

          Now about the missed ones, if they are purely the seatime ones front up to your company / training provider, ask them to sign them on your behalf, if on the ship concerned then the Captain can do them.

          But dont forge signatures, it realy isnt worht the trouble if you get found out, as it then casts suspicion on the rest of your TRB and so on........
          Trust me I'm a Chief.

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          No I do not report things from here to them as they are quite able to come and read this stuff for themselves.

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            I had a similar situation to this, in fact exactly the same... I missed out the sea service signatures from my first ship...and when i emailed the ship in question to ask the chief to sign it i found out he had retired ( the trip i was on was his last trip) - that taught me to go over things properly in future! anyway the captain signed it and i will be shortly handing in my training book to the M.C.A in order to get my notice of eligibility. Like Chiefy says it's just sea-time so the captain can sign them, but if there is any issue with mine i will let you know, which phase are you in?


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              I had the same issue but my company collected all the books in with signatures like that missing and took them to the office, where one of the big bosses signed and stamped them. The thing in the TRB is more of a formality as your sea service testimonials, discharge book and letter of sea service from your company are all more "official"


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                Thanks for the replies. I'm final phase but forgot about that one signature that never got signed. In my trb feedback I was simply told to get it signed (didn't know how since it was a previous ship and foreign officer)

                Anyway, since Im due to give trb to the training company soon I thought I'd gather opinions - was more worried that if I was upfront and honest about it, id get shafted because they knew for sure it wasn't signed.

                I shall leave it blank, point it out and see what the score is - ill post what happens later incase someone else ends up in similar/same position


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                  You could always call up the MCA and ask to speak to an examiner. It will be he/she who inspects your TRB and then conducts your oral, so (nicely) explain the situation, ask the question and act accordingly. Certainly take the name of whoever you talk to and include a note when you submit your TRB referencing the date of the call and with whom you spoke.
                  I don't want to crush the image we all have, but they seem to be thoroughly pleasant folk...
                  The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong it usually turns out to be impossible to get at or repair.

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                    A wee story......

                    I did my first 2 trips as cadet with another guy, let's call him David.

                    First trip was on a motor ship, second on a steam ship (the younger forum members should google steam ships, they used to be popular). During the second trip, David realised that he had missed a fairly important signature from his motor ship time so forged a third engineer's signature from the first ship. David then went back to college and thought nothing more about it until he walked in for his orals. The third engineer had since left the company and was a MCA surveyor and trainee examiner, when David walked in the examiner asked to see his task book and was laughing about the fcat that he had signed many of the tasks, sadly he noticed the forgery straight away. The MCA (I think it was the MSA back then) told him that he had to redo all of his sea time, the company sacked him and as far as I know he never got to finish his cadetship.

                    Don't forge signatures - EVER. It will come back and bite you in the ass.

                    If you have missed a signature then there are ways and means of getting it sorted, usually through your sponsoring company or training provider, you might get a bollocking for not having got your act together and getting it all signed when you should have, but it's better than the alternative.

                    Of course the easiest thing is to be on top of it all, make sure you get all the signatures you need, when you need them. Make a list of who has signed your book and who needs to put their CoC details in the specimen signatures page. Make a list of when key people are leaving the ship and what you need them to sign before they go. This is your TRB, no-one else is going to chase you to make sure that it's done.
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                      I am in a similar situation and my training company have been pretty useless. I was on foreign ships with foreign officers and often it was very hard to get things signed. In the end I have had some of the tasks countersigned and have everything in order except for the monthly reports section for my final lot of sea time - the others were with different staff and are fine. I have all the testimonials signed, the discharge book and evidence of sea service etc. I am not sure how important this one lot of monthly reports is and if this will now be acceptable to the MNTB. I would hope that if you have your tasks and testimonials signed and you pass your oral exams that this should be enough. I am planning to contact them but if anyone has a view then I would be interested.


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                        The issue you'll have is the book goes to the MCA to review it before they issue you an NOE to sit your orals, and they can be a bit strict at the MCA, they are a suspicious bunch.


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                          Is it not possible to get a company superintendent/ Company DSTO to sign in lieu of a ship's officer? With a note to the Mca explaining the circumstances?

                          When I was a cadet, the TRB was not explained to us at all, just a 'get it done' 5 minute lecture, handy sailing with a foreign crew who have never seen one, nor had a desire to see one.. I missed the Captain's signature for my first ship for familiarisation... 3 years later before it went to the mca, the page was sent to the ship by the company to be signed by a new Captain who'd never met me, had no idea what he was signing and whether or not I knew where the lifejackets were for a ship I'd been on 3 years previously for a few weeks seemed rather pointless... but the point of is story is... I guess a representative of the company can most likely sign.


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                            I am in contact still with one of the officers serving on the ship at the time so I could ask him if he could sign this. Advice from a captain I know suggests that the MCA might accept this as I have the Captain's testimonial from the end of the trip. I am almost reluctant to go back to my sponsoring company's central office where the guy in charge of cadets there was really unhelpful.


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