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  • Too late for acceptance?

    Hello, yet another CMT question.

    I'm just wondering, I have an interview for intake for January/February through clyde marine soon this month.
    I am wondering whether this is really late in applying and that no matter how I perform during the interview, I will be rejected due to leaving it late? It seems that with CMT, they are always interviewing no matter what the actual intake number is whether they have too little places to fill. What I'm worried about is that I don't want to be just another person with no chance of getting a place despite how I perform. I want to know whether somebody leaving it this late, in simple ways still has the chance to be accepted with only a few weeks to the start date (January/Febuary 2014) intake for this season of cadets as such?

    Any past experiences of people doing this and being accepted or rejected this late on. Please let me know. Thank you very much!

    They say at the end of the tunnel there is always and ending..... 😳

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    If you do OK at the interview then you may get accepted for September even if there are no available places in January.

    The best advice is to go along and do your best at the interview on the assumption that you might get a place in the Jan intake.

    Good luck.
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      Just do your best and do what Clanky has said. We had a few in my intake (Jan 13) who only got offered a place a few weeks before the start of college... its not uncommon!
      Good Luck!


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        Well I got accepted too late on for the Glasgow intake (6th Jan) So I'm starting at Shetland on the 17th Feb, if all your paper work is sent in on the same week you should be fine, if the interview goes well I would recommend getting 5 ID photos to speed things up a bit.


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