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Screwed up my grades

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  • Screwed up my grades


    I am registered on this forum but because of the sensitive side of this subject have decided to post anonymously.

    I didn't come out of school with very good GCSE's however when going to college i did functional skills in maths (that i assumed was GCSE grade C as that is what i was told, more on this later) So i decided after that and getting what i thought were equivalent grades (functional skills maths, level 1) to try and get into Uni. So i applied and sure enough i got a offer for a Foundation Degree a huge amount of witch was maths a physics orientated to A-level Standard and the requirements were 160 UCAS points that i already had and GCSE grades C in maths and English. I got in and spent a year doing my studying at Solent University.

    During my time there i learned about the cadet scheme and decided it was for me however unsure of my grades contacted Warsash (part of Solent uni) for them to cross reference it, i had to fill out a form with all my current grades and i put my equivalent grades and that they were at level C as i've always assumed they are especially as Uni had let me in with them! Anyway so they get back to me around May time and say due to the nature of your foundation degree we can advise that you are suitable for the foundation degree route and the HND route.

    So i thought great news and thought nothing of the equivalent grade in maths because of my foundation degree and how it had been noted that this was up to a-level standard- until today when i got a call from my sponsoring company queering me about it. I had forwarded them the email that showed what Warsash had said with me original application to show them that even though my GCSE's were bad that i am up to A-level standard now. He then informs me that they have cross checked the Maths functional skills grades with the college and it turns out that my level 1 is only equivalent to a D at GCSE level and seem to have completely forgot about my foundation degree. I then reminded him about it and he dug up the email and said he will contact the college tomorrow with the quote from the email and see what happens.

    So basically just wondering has this ever happened to anyone else? Can anyone shed any light on the possible outcomes of this? It was a genuine mistake on my part however im just hoping that considering they say i can do the degree route due to my other foundation degree with the same uni that they take all this into account or is a GCSE in maths an absolute must?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm guessing you're not a first phase cadet yet? I was in a similar position, grades are normally put in place for the qualification set by the college, then some companies also choose to up these grades to thin out the applicants.

    I didn't even do a foundation degree, I did a VRQ level 3 advanced course which enabled me to do a foundation degree at uni which is how i got onto my FD ETO course (but I did have the required GCSE's). I don't fully understand your post but I guess you've not got the required C in GCSE? If your foundation degree is split into cores and any of these involved maths I suggest you find out to what level these were.

    But if the college said you are able to do their FD course then you should be able to, I had to do exactly the same, sponsoring company was un-sure if I was able to do the FD course, so got me to get in touch with college, the college checked my qualifications, replied I was able to, I forwarded this to the company and that was good enough, now in my third phase. So you shouldn't have any thing to worry about!


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      I got it sorted, Warsash had just 'forgot' about my foundation year! cheers for the help though!


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