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  • SQA error

    Just done my sqa final nav exam today. But I've realised I lay the tide off in the wrong direction on the chart, making the EP about a mile off to the west. The running fix position was correct though. Does any one have any idea how many marks sqa would deduct for this schoolboy error? The rest of the paper I completed to a good standard from what I can remember.

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    Correct me if I am wrong anyone but I would think that that constitutes a principle error and not a clerical - 50% deduction for the question?

    Sorry if that does not cheer you up.

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      Error in principle I am afraid, you have appled the tide incorrectly - 50% reduction in the mark of the question. Dont worry though as if you have done well in the rest of it you will be fine, good luck.


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        You 100% sure you made this mistake? I remember I thought I'd done something similar on a chartwork exam once. Came out the exam and convinced myself I'd done it wrong. Turned out I was worrying over nothing and had actually done it correctly!


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          The EP question was only 6 marks so I can live with that. However, I'm just hoping the position of the running fix goes off lat and long accuracy as I'm sure this was correct (and that part is worth 10 marks), even though the position of the tide was the wrong side of the watertrack on the chart.


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            Positive I run it out wrong as I assumed the watertrack was the ground track under the exam pressure. It will have also have slightly affected part C as that was run from the EP to a pilot station. However, they only asked for a compass course to steer and distance which I got the same as everyone else :S


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