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Independent, possibly homeless cadet?

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  • Independent, possibly homeless cadet?

    I am currently in the process of applying for a deck cadetship. However, my circumstances have changed fairly drastically and I'm probably about to become homeless. The cadetship is ideal as obviously they give a training allowance as otherwise I'd find any sort of higher education very difficult. My question is, what happens when you finish college but haven't got a ship yet? Can you still stay at college? Do the company still pay you? Has anyone else been in my situation and managed?


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    Hmm, well I hope everything gets sorted out for you, nasty time of year to have that happen!!

    In terms of cadetship etc, I suspect your biggest problem initially will be providing a permanent address, which most colleges and funding agencies (for student loans) will require. Student (or "term time") accommodation generally does not apply as a permanent address. So you might want to think about finding somewhere for that (maybe a friend who will act as a holding address, or parentals who will allow mail to come to them??)

    Secondly, in answer to your next query, once you have finished college they are unlikely to allow you to stay, they will take on two intakes of cadets a year, and they normally start/finish phases at roughly the same time, so when one set moves out the other moves in, so space can be at a premium. And unfortunately you can have a wait sometimes between finishing a college phase and awaiting your first ship. However, on the plus side you will still be paid, albeit possibly at a lower rate than that what you are paid during college (Clyde Marine certainly operate two rates, one for college and the other for sea phase).

    However, two other points. You say you are still applying, so there is plenty of time yet before worrying about accommodation, even if you get into the January intake you have over 6 months. A lot can happen in that time. Also, by the time your first sea phase comes through you will likely have made many friends in the college, who may be able to provide crashing space on a floor for a few days if you played your cards right!


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      Whatever the circumstances I always find it incredibly sad to hear of someone in your situation.

      Once you are a cadet you will either be at college, at sea or on leave. At college you can sort out accomodation and you get a monthly training allowance throughout the year. This allowance will pay for your accomodation and meals at college - just! Once you are at sea you will still get your allowance but have to pay nothing. Time to save a bit....

      The only problem I can see for you is leave, and as that will be limited to about 8 weeks a year then I would think you could cope in a board and lodging situation, wherever you want to be based. You could probably get away with paying ?150 a week for full board and lodging, (I am guessing here).

      However you do not mention your age - that is a factor, and you do not mention a little about your circumstances. All I would say is that your expression "probably about to become homeless" - can that be avoided?

      I believe that you could cope - with support, but it will be tougher for you than others during your leave.

      PM me if you would like to have a chat or some more advice if you do not want to discuss it in a public forum.

      Hope this helps,

      "Any damn fool can navigate the world sober. It takes a really good sailor to do it drunk." - Sir Francis Chichester.
      "Waves are not measured in feet or inches, they are measured in increments of fear." - Buzzy Trent

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        Thank you both for your reassurance, it is very much appreciated. Leave is still my biggest worry, especially when you hear of cadets having to wait months on a sea phase for a ship. It definitely sounds like it would be something I could work around though, thanks


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          I am sure you could explain your circumstances with the company you are sponsored with. Just say you would like as much sea time as possible at the end of the day they will pay you the same sitting at home on your bum and being on the ship working. I am sure they would rather have you on the ship working.


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            Halls probably wouldn't care about you staying as long as you were paying but you could easily find somewhere cheaper


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              Aye, that is a fair point. I had a couple of weeks waiting for my first ship, but that was because the office had mucked the dates up and hadn't realised we had finished the college phase! Buth other than that, I happily spent near enough my entire sea phases on a ship and didn't take any of the holiday entitlement at all (to be fair, you will also get holiday whilst at the college). So if your company is willing this may also be an option.

              Depends on your stance though, bear in mind when I started the cadetship I had not taken a holiday in nearly 5 years, and found that what I was given in college was sheer luxury compared to that. Therefore for me the sea-earned holiday was irrelevant, and the time was better utilised gaining experience.


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                you can join ship in time off from college


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