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    Hi, does anyone know much about Sea Service Testimonials? To sit your OOW through the rating to officer route do you need one testimonial after every trip you do? Or just the last year of service outlining that you have been carrying out bridge watch keeping duties for the last 6 months? I wonder because what happens if you do 36 months and decide that you want to be an officer only to realise you don't have any testimonials validating your sea service? Do you phone your shipping company and get one or have to trace all of your ex masters and get one for every trip you have done? Thanks a lot!

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    Normally you require one to cover each period you have been at sea, although some persons choose to get one whenever the master signs off, as well as at the end of their trip.

    You will require the statement that you have been involved in watch keeping duties under studying the OOW - covering at least the minimum period of time you require. If you haven't got them, your company can write a letter to the MCA confirming your sea service dates and the capacity you have been sailing in onboard - including the relevant statements that you need to have. Although it's purely at the discretion of the MCA if they will accept this.

    I suggest you give the Seafarers Training & Certification branch a call and ask them.

    On a side note, this forum is intended for sensitive questions. Which this isn't but I have approved it on this occasion.
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      Agree with Alistair, try to obtain as many Sea Service Testimonials as possible. Any you can't get, you can provide the dates and details to the company and they can provide a letter detailing your sea service. I somehow managed to lose a sea service testimonial as a cadet (without providing too many details, it involved signing off in Gran Canaria, having a few beers, and being woken up in the morning by an angry agent telling me I would be late for my flight)...

      Please join the forum and feel free to ask questions and share your experiences.


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        Thanks very much!


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