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This isn't for me, help.

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  • This isn't for me, help.

    Hello all,

    I am a phase one cadet and everything is going well, but, this isn't for me. I thought that this was the career I truly wanted but in fact it was the career that was my second choice that I know is the one for me, you are probably wondering "how do I know", I can't say how I know but I know that it is what I want.

    Does anyone know anyone/or in fact quit themselves that is willing to give me advice?

    Will I have to pay the full ?3000 (In the contract it says that liability will be limited to this) if I end my cadetship?

    I am sure that some of you can appreciate that this is a 'scary' time for me as I am panicking.

    Thank you for your support.

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    No one other than your company can answer this.

    If your onboard ship, submit your resignation to the master - suggest you speak to your DSTO first.
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      Make sure this is you making the decision and not outside pressure. But if you are not happy you need to do something about it, speak to your parents, or college tutor, or DSTO and get advice. Also, better to get out now than 10 years down the line. I know it is easy for me to say, but you will be better off for it.
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        I agree with what alistairuk said about it depending on your company. In my class of around 25 people there was several that dropped out for the same reason as you, so the companies are all prepared for this situation to come up. It should say in your contract but of course you will need to contact your sponsor and talk to them about this and ask them what it will cost you exactly. Chances are they would've dealt with this many times before. Some of the cadets that dropped out who were sponsored through Clyde marine had a much more difficult time with quitting, whereas the cadets that weren't sponsors through an organisation had a far simpler and more helpful process. I even know of some who had a contract saying they were entitled to quit without paying a penny back! Again, it depends on your sponsor. Nobody here can know the exact details of your situation and your contract other than you and the company.

        Best of luck


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          There's absolutely no shame in deciding it's not for you. But my advice would be to give it a week or two before making your decision. Most of us have, at some stage, been very close to downing tools and walking away. But be sensible. Do your research about other options. Only when you have a clear path in place to take you where you want to be should you resign.

          As said, only your company can say what they'll want back, depending on your contract. You may find that if you leave during phase one they won't expect much, if anything, particularly if you haven't done short courses yet.
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            This isn't for me, help.

            As said make sure this is definitely what you want to do. I have met a few people who have dropped out then decided that they want to do it again a few years later. The problem is it's very hard to get smart funding again. I had two guys in my class that dropped out phase 1 and don't think they had much problem with it. Make sure this is definitely the right decision, if it is be up front and honest with your training officer about it. It's only your company that can tell you what they are going to do.


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              My thoughts and experiences are exactly the same as Jonathanl
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                As everyone else has said, if you are sure it's not for you then talk to your training provider, although most training contracts have a payback clause companies are sometimes sympathetic top people who genuinely feel that they cannot continue rather than just time wasters.

                That said, have a read through the many threads on here from people who have given up on a cadetship at some point and have realised too late that they made the wrong decision. If you do decide that it's not for you then you need to understand that there is very little chance that you will be able to get another crack at thew whip in a few years time. As CD said, give it a couple of weeks and talk to others about how you feel.

                Good luck, I hope whatever decision you make in the end that it works out for you.
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                  Thank you

                  Hi all,

                  Thank you so much for your responses, I am a registered user on the forum and I am quite active but for obvious reasons, I wanted to be anonymous.
                  I am still in the process of making the decision and you have all helped me with what you have said.

                  Once again, thank you.


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                    That's what we're here for. Feel free to PM if you want any more specific advice.
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                      Some good advice above and just thought I would let you know my experience.

                      I completed my induction and my 1st sea phase of 6 months and came back for my 1st phase of College, I didn’t really hate it but didn’t really love it either so decided as most 17 year olds do, to quit on an impulse. There was no financial come back and I just walked off.

                      Got a job working in an office in the wonderful world of insurance and REALLY hated it. I realised that I had made a massive mistake, I managed to get back to college the following year only because I had really good reports from being at sea otherwise I would not have been able to go back.

                      Without a doubt I consider myself very lucky to have gotten back, its one of those moments where if I hadn't, my life would be detrimentally very different to what it is now. Don’t get me wrong there were times when I wanted to chuck it all over again but then I remembered working in that office and it gave me the mental kick up the arse again.

                      I don’t work at sea anymore but am still involved in the industry at a high level with a very interesting job and importantly a career that I am happy with.

                      Good luck and I hope it all works out for you whatever decision you come to.


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                        I too would really recommend getting a trip in at sea in phase 2 before deciding the career isn't for you.
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                          I keep thinking about this post, and what I keep going back to are these points. If you were my son or daughter this is what I would want to know.

                          1. Why now, is it the content of the course ?
                          2. Is it being away from home? This first term is very long, and if you have never lived away from home it is a big adjustment to make.
                          3. Did you research this career properly, if not is that the reason for your change of mind?
                          4. What makes you think your other choice will be better? What does it give you that this choice doesn't?
                          5. Are you someone who often changes their mind about things?
                          6. Is it the idea of being at sea, and what is it about that you feel unhappy about.
                          7. Was it your choice of career or did someone else push you in this direction before you had really thought about all of the aspects.

                          Is it worth looking back at why you made this your first choice what was it that attracted you to it, what has changed about that choice.
                          Before you do anything rash, perhaps write down your reasons for and against what you are doing now and what you want to do, perhaps rank it in order, maybe it will highlight anything which you don't know about your new choice, or areas of this one that, you may need to discuss with someone, tutor at college, perhaps, your company or one of the mods Deck, Eng or ETO.

                          You may have done all of this in which case, I thought why the post? Why do you need help? If you have made up your mind, I get the feeling you perhaps have not quite got there yet, not quite convinced enough to walk. Personally when I have made decisions like this I have been utterly convinced it has been the right thing to do, and money has never effected my decision, I have moved job for half the money, and left my main extremely well paid career for none at all, just unpaid motherhood!
                          If going to your company and saying I want to leave is proving a hard thing to do, maybe your not convinced yourself.

                          There have been lots of posts on this forum about peoples experiences, at college, at sea and how at times they have nearly walked away but didn't and stuck with it. I'm sure they would share their reasons if you ask them, and give you some support, they are by and large a very helpful bunch.

                          Anyway I hope what ever decision you make its the right one, take your time.


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                            If you're a cadet ETO, feel free to PM me.
                            Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers


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