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    I can't get sacked for having a broken hand can I? Wasn't from fighting or anything. Can still use the other. Haven't got a sea phase for a while

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    I think you need to ask yourself why you are asking this in an anonymous way. By saying you do not have a sea phase for a while then I must assume that you are on a college phase? You mention you did not get it from fighting but you do not say how you got it. Therefore I can only assume that it is something you do not want to discuss? Did you end up at hospital, was alcohol involved, were the college informed? If this is something that is going to heal of it's own accord and the company will not find out then you need not worry. Is it the hand you write with? Do you have a bandage or plaster cast on? If so then the college may have already told your employer.

    Only you can decide if you need to come clean with either the college or your company and much of that will rest on whether you will be "found out" or it will heal and you will get away with it. Just remember that these forums are monitored by employers ant therefore it may not be best to discuss in open forum. It might be best to speak to someone via PM who may then speak to you over the phone and give you some advice once they know the full story. Just don't pour it all out here - you will be identified!

    If it was a straightforward accident and you fell over , down stairs, got it caught etc. then you have nothing to hide and you need to tell your company ASAP and maybe your training officer will want to see you.

    Don't worry, it is probably not as bad as you think. Talk it through with someone.

    Log in and PM me if you think it will help.

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      You can't be sacked for having a broken hand, however it may impact your training, if you cant attend certain things, mainly workshops etc or your level of work suffers and this may have repercussions, however it shouldn't result in a sacking just a delay.

      personally I wouldn't tell the company unless it is going to affect your performance in college even then there's plenty of ways to innocently to break a hand, flying a kite was a friends best one.
      Unless you are under 18 the college isn't responsible for your welfare, and even when they are it rested with the halls manager (at STC) even then it shouldn't be communicated to your company, although it may be reported back to parents. Medical information is sensitive personal data and unless it is causing a problem it isn't relevant and shouldn't be past around.
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        Doubt it as it wouldn't have an impact on your ENG1 and I remember several lads during my college phase that broke various bones and it wasn't a problem then. Also, if your sea phase is a while off you should be alright (provided it will have healed by then).

        However, if it's your "me time" hand, then it sucks to be you....
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