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  • Earwax problem...


    I have an ENG next week and I'm pretty confideny about all the requirements I will need to meet. I am fit and healthy, have good eyesight and am not colourblind. However, ever since I was a kid I have had very sensitive ear canals which means neither any doctors, family nor me have been able to clean out my ears and remove the earwax lodged in my ear. Therefore, I have lots of it inside my ears and cannot under any circumstances have an ear swab near there without excruciating pain- last time someone tried they almost burst my ear canal and caused A LOT of bleeding which didn't stop for days.

    Yeah... Will this be a problem?

    I know it's a bit of a disgusting situation but I want to make sure this wont cause any issues to come up at my medical examination meaning that I won't pass. Otherwise everything should be fine... Should I mention it to the doctor examining me as soon as I go in?

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    Unfortunately it will be difficult for anybody to give you a definitive answer and the only way to find out is at the Eng1.
    At both Eng1 medicals I have had my hearing tested but I no of others who haven't had this done. Does this situation effect your hearing in any way?
    Are you applying to deck or Engine? The noise levels in engine rooms can be extremely high and even with ear protection it can at times be uncomfortable.
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      I had a hearing test which consisted of the Doctor whispering numbers into my ear ... apart from that he never touched my ears.


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        Yeh I think the eng1 only includes the doctor whispering numbers into your ear that's all.


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          It must vary from doctor to doctor, because I'm almost certain I had my ears checked at my ENG1


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            In most cases I've had they looked in the ears and occasionally get a hearing test

            as long as your hearing is up to standard and you can explain that it is a known and benign issue it should be fine, but it is a unique enough case that only a doctor will be able to tell you for sure
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              Had one of those light things shone in my ears to check them, they obviously don't go as deep as a swab though.

              Also had a heading test which was done sat in a booth with earphones on, listening to frequencies in both ears, obviously this doesn't go near your ears but dunno if you may have problems?

              Had both these tested done on both ENG1's I've had done but this was at the same doctors.


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                You will definitely have the hearing test done during your first ENG-1, then it is done every few years - there is a bit on the ENG-1 certificate where the doctor fills in date of last hearing test if not done as part of your ENG-1.
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                  I didn't have a hearing test, but then I did mention that it's pretty damn good being a classical musician etc and had it tested 4 years ago at the start of my course. Back then at least I could to -20dB. So not always tested, but maybe I was an exceptional case


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                    Thanks for all of your help

                    My hearing is completely normal and wearing headphones is fine. Just the cotton swab thing... But it doesn't sound as though most of you even had this done so I should be OK


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                      You don't need to put a cotton swab in your ear. In fact you're not even meant to!

                      You can buy drops in the pharmacy for your ears to break up the wax. Don't know if your ear canals might be too sensitive however.

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