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Some advice please, what to do?

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  • Some advice please, what to do?

    Hi there. I am currently employed by an offshore company as a deckhand working on multi-purpose ERRVs. I am 26 and have just been offered a cadetship from Clyde Marine starting in January. Basically...I'm not sure if I should take it or not. Would I be stupid not to? The reason that is putting me off is that I will be instantly poor for the next 3 or so years...I could work from the deck up and do it that way, although it will take a couple of years longer. I've just got this feeling that I may regret turning this down in the long run...any advice appreciated, thanks!

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    With Clyde you get ?170 a week at college and ?120 a week at sea so you can live off it. It's really upto you but I would discuss it with your company and ask them if they will sponsor you ?


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      Work out how long it would take to do it from within your current job, and also what costs for training you might be expected to meet,

      try and find out what a starting salary would be if you were able to return to the company, then its simple math while the three years may seem very hard with no money it may actually be a faster way.
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        Personally I would do it, you never know if the chance will come up again and for a bit of short term pain it will be better for your future, you still have age in your side and you may find your circumstances stop you from doing further training in the future (family etc).

        Put it this way in 3 years time if you are still on deck would you be looking up to the bridge thinking I could be driving right now?
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          Have you looked at other companies that pay more?
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            Thanks a lot for the replies. Currently I only have 6 months sea time. I'm sure you need 36 months and then 6 - 8 months at college. Therefore doing 1 month on / off it would take me another 5 1/2 years going from the deck up. If I did turn it down and stayed on deck I could make AB in 3 years and could start working on PSV / DSV / CSV etc, and maybe even jack-up / semi-sub drilling rigs which pay some nice money. Haven't actually looked into any more companies at the moment. It was only Clyde Marine I applied to. So...quite a lot to consider...back to sea in a week so need to decide by then!

            Thanks again.


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              It is a tricky one, I suppose you have to ask your self / think about what you want, do you have ambition and drive and want to be the driver rather than the driven?

              Being an AB is good and yes the money will be a bit short for a few years, but then it will come good again.

              Have you looked at the Slater Fund? Or Nuatilus web site and see about AB to Officer support, there is some extra you might be able to get.
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                Their is a fast track thing that's offered by STC, I'm afraid I don't know much about it but you could always ask them.

                I dunno what sort of training you need prior but it's like a year at STC then a sea phase which is decided by your 'skills' I think, but obviously if you could pay for this course your self then ask your current company for the sea time or even a different company if they will take you it may be a better option. I know carnival use to offer it to uni grads and apprentices but dunno if they do any more.


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                  I once worked out how long it takes an RFA cadet to catch up in cumulative money earned with an AB who studies for OOW ASAP. In that case, it took a few years but the cadetship was more cost-effective in the long run. I'm really not sure that it would be the same for a cadetship with Clyde Marine as the drop in income from AB to CMT cadet will be rather steeper. IMO you need do to the maths of your cumulative earnings as EDH/AB over the 5.5 year period you think it will take to get your OOW by that route, and allowing for the expenses of paying for the training yourself (with Slater Fund and possibly employer assistance), and compare that with your potential cumulative earnings as a CMT cadet and newly qualified OOW over the same period.


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                    Thanks for the replies. I have always been career driven. I'm a university graduate that didn't fancy the office lifestyle! My way of thinking is...I could get landed with a not so favourable company with Clyde and struggle to get back into the offshore industry. If I work from the deck up I could go to AB, get experience on other offshore vessels, and then train within an offshore company to go officer. It's a much longer route but I definitely think there is great employability factor from doing this. I don't know.....anyway thanks you have all been a good help.

                    Does anyone know exactly what Clyde sponsors take on cadets in January?


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