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ENG1 and back problems

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  • ENG1 and back problems

    HI all,

    Positing in anonymous as I'd rather not any potential employers see about my back problems,

    I have had a herniated disc in my spine (let me advise my early 20's this occurred and its from slouching and picking up heavy items using my back and not my legs, pay attention in manual handling classes!) and have been signed off (as in cleared and told it has been sorted) roughly a week ago, has anyone had any similar problems and if so, has it been a problem with the ENG1?

    I've had a look at the ENG1 guidelines and it states that back problem if occurring is a fail, but it appears to be the doctors discretion for past problems?

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    When I was 18 I herniated 2 lumbar discs at work causing chronic back pain, terrible sciatica and unemployment/lack of prospect for 2-3 years. I eventually found an amazing physio who made a huge contribution to helping improve my back's condition to the point where last year aged 23 it was hugely improved - I now have mostly mild/manageable back ache day to day and only occasional sciatica which I now know how to avoid for the most part and promptly deal with when it does occur. I also take a low dose of amitriptyline each day which helps with any nervy pain but thankfully has practically no side effects at a low dose. Anyway, with the same concerns as you have I decided to see if I could pass the ENG1 medical last year to find out whether it was worth applying for a cadetship. I was completely honest with the doctor about everything but basically gave him anecdotal evidence as to why I thought it would not affect my ability to perform e.g. having re-engaged in physical activity/work and having sailed extensively gaining my Yachtmaster CoC etc. To my great relief he passed me (unrestricted) and I begin my cadetship this September! My advice is definitely give the medical a shot before applying for a cadetship just to be safe, be honest but positive about your back with the doctor and by the sounds of it you stand a reasonable chance of it not being an issue. Good luck.


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      Just make sure you declare it in your medical! Not doing so would invalidate your ENG1, and IF you had an accident, the insurers would not pay out, which when you're in a foreign country and need to be air ambulanced home is kind of a massive deal. (And I know this because it happened...)


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        To the unregistered user above that is a great help, mine had been going on for about a year and did get sciatica from it, I had a fantastic physio who gave me stretches to do and within 3 days the pain was all but gone, by 2 weeks I was feeling no pain at all and now I don't even do the exercises and a fairly physical job without any pain reoccuring, I think I should be alright

        I have no intentions of not declaring anything to a medical, I am more concerned that if I had a condition that was dangerous it could end up meaning I get someone else hurt which just isn't cricket in my book,


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