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    I have been made two offers of sponsorship:-

    The first with a management company which has a different variety of ships.

    The second with a big oil major.

    I'm really struggling with this decision. I am aware that to do your training on tankers with a big company is well thought of(and the money is very appealing!) but the variety of different ships/experience make company 1 appeal to me.

    As a female does anyone have any advice about working on/experience of tankers as oppose to other ships...?

    Any help or advice would be appreciated...

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    Difficult to say without knowing exactly what companies are involved here but I would probably choose the oil major due to the fact that it will be much easier to work on tankers post cadetship should you so desire.

    I know a few girls who worked on tankers and they all had a good time with good training. No real problems with the fact that are female as far as I know. They are also one of the few to be offered jobs with their companies after qualifying.


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      If you tell us the companies involved then people will probably be able to give you more specific advice but I appreciate you may not want to divulge that information.


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        The other girl on my course was sponsored by Ojfell, a chemical tanker company, she had a great time with them and is now employed by them. One of my other coursemates was sponsored by Shell, he had a good cadetship and very thorough training and is also now employed by them, however he had very limited opportunities to get ashore during his cadetship. As someone who was sponsored by a management company and got a variety of ships through my cadetship I understand the lure of getting to try lots of things, however, my advice would be to go with the oil company as you'll then get your oil tickets as well, which will be a major bonus when job hunting. It's much easier to go from oil to other things than the other way round.
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          ^^^ What she said.
          Go out, do stuff


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