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Homophobia at college and sea

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  • Homophobia at college and sea


    I was just wondering what homophobia is like at college and at sea? Especially at sea when working with different nationalities?

    Thank you!

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    I've worked with quite a few homosexual colleagues, and of course its far easier on the passenger ships, but I don't think there are any real issues. You have to be fairly thick skinned to work at sea anyway and everyone will get a bit of banter at one point or another, but I would consider that meeting someone homophobic would be the exception rather then the rule.


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      Yeah - not really an issue these days. I would suggest just keeping it to yourself and not making a big deal out of it and you will find people will just not really mention it. On cruise ships you will find lots of like minded people...
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        You might get a bit of grief about it. But will mostly be light hearted and all cadets get it. For those of us not homosexual it can be about your unusual name, accent, weight or just about anything else you can think of. Taking it shows your a part of the team and should be thought of as a compliment.


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          You mentioned different nationalities, there are definitely different attitudes towards homosexuality amongst different nationalities. I have sailed with many homosexual seafarers and with one exception it has never been an issue, the one occasion where it was an issue was because the person in question was determined that it was going to be.
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            Aye, as the other guys have said, it's not really an issue these days as most seafarers tend to be a bit more open minded (and with what some of them get up to....) it won't really faze them at all. I was at college and sea with a number of homosexual folks and there was no real problem at all as they just cracked on and got on with the job in hand and didn't make a massive issue of it. One chap did used to ask me for relationship advice with his boyfriend.....

            Besides, you will have the piss taken out of you for something, guaranteed. Just make sure you give it back to them in spades!
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              Thanks guys! I didnt really have a concern about college as I can just see it as a banter-ous environment and I can that sort of stuff perfectly fine. I was more concerned about at sea with internationals which can potentially come from a country where the government/ state religion considers homosexuality punishable by death and they could hold similar views! Haha.

              Thanks for the help


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                You'll probably be sailing with Filipinos and Eastern Europeans in all likelihood, homosexuality isn't an issue in either of those cultures I think.


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                  I personally think that it is more of an issue in the minds of some people rather than a real issue. But I have also seen issues in the past where people have pulled the:

                  "You only say that / do that because you don't like me because I am gay" - Actually I am saying it because you were a twat / stupid / did not listen or did something stupid!

                  The only time it has been a problem for me was when a guy tried to hit on me on a ship! I was a third year cadet and it scared the bejeezus out of me.

                  So long as you do not believe you should be treated differently, can take the banter that will come with your orientation (so long as it is only banter and not bullying), and so long as you do not make an issue of it, or push your beliefs or opinions on people, then there is no reason why your life at sea will not be different to anyone else.

                  Should you find someone does treat you differently or badly then you must inform your training officer and the captain straight away - never suffer in silence.

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