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  • Bad impression?

    Hello, I'm asking this here because it is slightly embarrassing I suppose? I'm sorry if it's a bit trivial.

    I am due for an interview with Clyde for a HND engine cadetship in a couple of weeks and my GCSE certificates aren't in the best shape. They aren't stained or shredded to pieces or anything like that, but after digging them up after a long long time I have noticed they have prominent creases where I assume I have folded them at some point or another. There is also a slight tear at the header of one of them. (I was a very lazy kid and I had no idea about the importance of impressions at the time)

    My question is, would this be too damaging to present in an interview? If I display competent knowledge of all the questions I am asked and literally everything else about the way I present myself is faultless, would a shoddy certificate from two years ago be the deciding factor in whether I make the cut? Or at least have a large impact on the interviewer?

    I am very worried about this as the way I have spent the past two years since I left school is dubious at best and will need some explaining, so I really can't afford to make any other aspect of myself look bad, and I don't have much else to stand out with in an interview besides my gcse grades, knowledge of the industry and a general good first impression.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Have you access to a laminator? Will prevent further damages and look like you at least realised what had happened and away you go.
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      You can buy good quality coloured printer paper and then scan and reprint them and then laminate them as chiefy says.

      While it would not be a major issue to have creases in your certificates, sometimes the minor things can swing it for you.
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        You could try contacting the exam board for a replacement
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