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    I have witnessed a few dodgy things during my cadetship. Off the top of my head:

    Drills not done and the paperwork forged on a very regular basis.
    Hours of rest not adhered to.
    Some seriously dodgy safety practices in terms of working aloft/over the side without harnesses.
    Serious unfamiliarity with some of the navigational equipment to the point that on my last trip I was teaching the chief mate how to use some of the equipement.
    Really bad food hygiene issues.
    Officers drinking before duty (not all that often but I did see it quite a few times)
    The captain being obviously drunk on a regular basis (including during pilotage). I remember sitting one night in the crew mess as the captain staggered about singing kareoke with the rest of the crew (all absolutely hammered, myself included) thinking "what would happen if there was a fire just now?"

    Did I report this to the company? No. Why? The following reasons:

    Most of the stuff didn't directly affect me in a big way. If someone wants to work aloft without a harness its their funeral. Thankfully I didn't have to work for several days straight or anything like some other people on here. I might've complained about that.
    Not wanting to be seen as a troublemaker.
    Being acutely aware of the fact that you only get one shot at a cadetship (smart funding etc). My company do not emply British officers, its purely a tonnage tax thing. Whilst I would think it would be unlikely that I would be sacked for complaining, I'm not sure if legally I would have much recourse if they did find an excuse to get rid of me if I complained a lot, due it being sponsored study as opposed to employment. I didn't fancy finding out.
    I was pretty skeptical whether anything would actually be done about it.
    I didn't fancy pissing off people in authority who I would have to spend several months in close proximity with.
    It probably could've been worse. I have friends who had a much better time than me, but also know people who had a worse time.

    Half expecting to get ripped to shreds for some of those reasons but I wouldn't be surprised if other people have had similar thoughts at some point.

    For what its worth when I get my ticket in a couple of months I intend to be a lot more pro active in reporting stuff. Although if I end up working for a company where dodgy practices are commonplace then I probably won't be working for them for very long. As an OOW I will have that option. As a cadet you don't which was the crux of the matter for me. I have taken a lot of lessons on "what not to do" during my cadetship.


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      Originally posted by laura View Post
      Just saw your reply after I'd replied, just wondering out of interest... You say 'I don't have a crystal ball' which is fair comment, if nobody knows something is wrong how can they do eff all about it?

      I wonder though how many cadets would even know how to go about contacting their compnaies and if they would feel unable to do that in that senior officers/ Captains/ Chiefs were in cahoots with the company. When I was a cadet I knew we had a designated person but would never have felt in a position to go above my Captain's head, the fact they were the same nationality and I was the 'foreign' cadet did not exactly help matters. Not that I needed to but....

      Not a criticism, I think you're quite right, just wondering how removed many cadets feel from their companies in being able ro contact them if things literally hit the s**t fan?
      It wasn't that fair of a comment, if he read the post then he would realise the company did know about it, they just didn't want to know.


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        Sadly, during the cadetship I agree it's just a case of doing everything to complete it. Once your an officer, that's the time to make a fuss.


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