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Paying back cadetship after qualification

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  • Paying back cadetship after qualification

    Hi all - hope someone can help.

    I completed my cadetship with one of the big cruise companies and after was offered a contract - with the standard clause of doing the 2yrs with them or having to pay back my cadetship. i have since decided cruise ships are not for me - i have already done 2 contracts as a 3rd and I want to try something different. Does anyone know whether or not they actually do chase you for the cash from your cadetship and how much exactly is it??Obviously I do not want to start asking to company.

    Any advice much appreciated

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    Basically it comes down to breach of contract - if they did decide to peruse you (I know of cases where a big cruise company beginning with 'C' both has and has not) then you can either choose to settle with them or they can take you to court and they will probably be awarded 'damages to the value of your obligations' if you are contracted for two years and you have already done more than one year then you may find that they won't pursue you anyway because the court would not actually award them that much.

    I know of someone who came to arrangement with them to pay back a few quid a month and then stopped. The company did not notice....
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      Everything that HolyNougat has said is similar to what I've known to happen to other people.


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        thanks for the replies, think I might talk to the union and see what advice they have. you guys know roughly how much these people were asked for??


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