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    I have finished my last sea phase as an Engineering Cadet and have been offered a position as a 3rd Engineer with the cruise company that took me on my sea time the salary is ?3070 (for each month worked) and a rotation of 4:2, I am totally undecided wither to accept this or try to get work on a tanker when I'm qualified, the reason for this indecision is on the cruise ship I am pretty much a plant operator and don't get to do as much hands on maintenance work as I want, where as I know that on a tanker there will be a lot more hands on work. Reading through the other threads it seems like it is getting harder and harder for newly qualified officers to obtain work and here I am being offered a position before I've even booked an orals date! Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    For gods sake take the job! Once you've got a few trips experience under your belt you'll be a more attractive applicant to other companies, you've obviously impressed during your cadetship, but other companies don't know you and if you're applying to a tanker company as a newly qualified officer with no tanker experience, you don't stand much of a chance.


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      Take the job. Then whilst you have the security of a job and are earning a bit of money, you can start applying for other positions. Better to be looking for a job when you are already employed, than not taking it and risk spending months trying to find something else.


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        That's a tricky one but I'm with Size 4 and EH75 I would recommend you take it and then look for an upgrade after!


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          Thanks for your help I can see the logic in what you have said so think I'm going to move forward with the offer.


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            I fully support everything the above people are saying!! i had a friend who turned down 2 jobs because he wanted some time off after his orals exam. . . . the company stopped offering him a job because he turned 2 down and it took him over 1 year to find another job. If you really do want to get on Tankers then chase these jobs up, don't just send in a CV and hope to hear back, chase the jobs, call them and keep calling them, what have you got to loose? (apart from a heavy phone bill. . . . maybe go home and use your parents phone!)


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