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complaining for a better cabin... if its the regulation

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  • complaining for a better cabin... if its the regulation

    Im currently on a bahamas registered cruise ship, the cabin is rather small to beign with and thenthey put a galley cook into the cabin, so during my ranting about how he played loud jamaican music all night, one first officer pointed me to the bahamas maritime authority legislation book which states cadets should only share rooms with cadets, if they have to share at all, and should be provided seperate day rooms etc, at the moment me and the other cadet get on great both from the same college interested in similar things

    page 231 states cadets in ships of over 3,000 tons or over the minimum floor space is 12 square meters, which ours certinalt isnt even half that, the reason i bring this up is not to nag but the ship is currently having a big change around cabin wise and there are some new double berth cabins being built that have a port hole and are a lot bigger than our current establishment... are we too far out of our right to ask to be moved into one of these new cabins?


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    Day Rooms!? For Cadets? Seriously?

    Let me have a look at this legislation book on Monday and see what it says before I comment any further.
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      The short answer is yes, you would be asking too much for a single cabin with minimum dimensions of 12 Sq/M, a porthole and a day-room. I think I know which ship you are currently on and there are other ships in the same fleet where Third Officers don't have a cabin 12 Sq/M Meters or a porthole... or indeed a day-room!
      Having said that, I don't think that Cadets should be made to share with cooks etc. and ideally you should not have to share with cadet on different watches (both of which are also in the regulations).
      They get around not giving Third Officers windows by saying that they are not actually the OOW, the SOOW holds that title officially and therefore the regulations do not apply.
      They will have thought of this already, because these Bahamas regulations actually come from old British SI's..
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        You shouldn't really be sharing with a non cadet however your other points are likely to be ignored :-)

        There are, for lack of a better word, "exemptions" when it comes to cruise ships...
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          If that's what the regulations say your within your right to ask. That doesn't mean it's a good idea though.


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            Worst that can happen is your told No.


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              Could be worse than that you don't want to get marked as being some sort of trouble maker.


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                I hate to say it but this always comes up on cruise ships - even as 3rd Officer on some ships I had an inside "Rabbit Hutch" and whenever I felt like being a smart ar*e I always used to say to the Shore Supers and Managers (with whom I used to have a good relationship with) that as a watchkeeping officer I should have an outside Cabin especially as the DJ or others used to have one, and always got the regs thrown back at me with the Senior OOW arguement (and told to get back into my Rabbit Hutch!!! along with some other sarcastic remarks)

                Bottom line - its the price you pay for the champagne lifestyle on Cruise vessels!
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                  You should not be sharing with a cook, however, forget the 12 sq mtrs and the porthole, the ship will have exemptions from flag to allow them to use smaller inside cabins.

                  If this decision has been made by some crew purser then speak to your training officer and ask if he / she can take the matter up with the crew purser, if the decision has been made by someone in your own department then you are unlikely to get it changed.
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