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    I am an aspiring cadet. I have been doing some research; I concluded that Indians among other third world countries are seen as the ?cheaper alternative?.

    I am British Asian, I was born in the UK, and have British passport?etc. Do you think I will be treated/ paid like officers from third world countries? What are the chances of me getting into yachting/cruise ship industry? As I red they prefer Europeans. Is it due to race or UK CoC ?
    Honesty is much appreciated
    Thank you

    PS: Engineering route

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    I cant speak to the Yachting sector...but you are British, you will do the UK cadet scheme, and apply using the usual UK routes, assume you are still resident here in the UK too.

    As such you will be paid as per UK officers.

    My current employer has several British Indian officers who have returned "home" but are still on a uK contract and paid in the UK etc, needless to say they are somewhat "loaded" when living back in India.

    So no you will be taken on and treated as a UK officer as you are a Brit
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      You were born in UK, you hold a UK passport, you will do UK cadet system, you will probably work on a UK style contract, etc, etc
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        I'd agree with all of the above, but also realise that many of the best Asian officers also earn similar salaries to those in the West.
        I would also say that yachting is the one area that problems do occur, some of the Arab yachts only accept British white male officers, not all though. This is sad but true.


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          My back to back on my last ship was an 'Indian Brit' who went through the UK cadet system and he was on the same wage,leave ratio as everyone else.

          Cant speak for passenger ships.


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            Does this apply to all the foreign Asians who come to college to do their ticket in uk as well?


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              Well I think that going through the UK system and having an MCA license does open up more opportunities for them, the Middle Eastern students in the UK often go into very good positions in their respective countries. For the Indian students, since they don't have the right to live and work in the EU they don't get some of the opportunities that are available to British people. Also certain employers choose to employ British people for their background culture and education, we tend to be more decisive and confident, many of the asian cultures are afraid to challenge superior officers or management (not all) and various other aspects. But then there are other times when Asians with British licenses are more competitive then Brits with UK licenses.
              There are various commercial reasons for the decisions made by commercial shipping companies.


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                Originally posted by YoungMariner View Post
                There are various commercial reasons for the decisions made by commercial shipping companies.
                Ouija boards, chicken entrails, sacrifices to Neptune etc. :P


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