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  • Originally posted by pignutpilot View Post
    It sucks if you have to work on a UK flagged ship and live in the UK.

    Another 10-15% off our salaries through national insurance.
    Well at end of the day, you know your salary & contract terms before you join a ship - no one forces you too - so if you're willing to work on a UK flagged ship in certain parts of the industry you can't exactly bitch about it!
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    • Originally posted by jg96ram View Post
      Thanks everyone. thats cleared it up!
      Out of curiosity, why are you our number 1 source of random cruise ship knowledge?
      I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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      • Master on a DSV Class 3 DP is from £500-£650 per day, month on month off or 6-8 weeks on /off, this can be tax free. Chief Officer can be anywhere from £280- £450 per day, the lower figures are usually the equivalent in salary. You have to pay for all your certs etc, before you get a job and not many pay for the upkeep of those Certs, but some do. Jobs very hard to come by now, as Easdtern Europeans and Philippine Officers charge a lot less so not guaranteed to get those day rates!


        • Originally posted by alistairuk View Post

          It varies by company, those that pay onboard only will normally pay slightly higher per month - it generally averages out the same when taken as an annual figure...

          So yes, if your on a 4:2 rotation then you would work 8 months of the year, so your annual salary would be 8 x monthly rate.
          I only get paid onboard, but my contract is very weirdly worded - I'm paid 1.5 times my monthly salary (to cover the leave, effectively half-pay ashore) but I don't understand why it isn't just that figure?


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