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ENG1 with rheumatoid condition

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  • ENG1 with rheumatoid condition


    I was wondering if there might be someone with some kind of idea or experience when it comes to getting an ENG1 certificate whilst suffering from a chronic condition. In my case it is AS, or ankylosing Spondilytis. It is an auto-immune condition which presents itself with rheumatic symptoms. There are various degrees of affliction however, and my condition is mild. As long as I stay active, stretch and keep an eye on things it has no adverse affects to my mobility.

    Obviously I am worried about this as it has already destroyed my hopes and dreams of becoming a pilot. I am tired of a piece of paper diagnosing me with something that has a minimal impact on my life from holding me back in all my ambitions.

    What I am basically wondering about is whether or not I should be up front about it to the MCA medical examiner, as my medical records are not from Britain. This is a major headache for me. On one side I just want to blag my way through it and get on with career, on the other hand I want to be an upstanding guy.

    Any thoughts or illuminations?


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    You must be honest with your ENG1 examiner - for a start failure to do so is a criminal offence I believe. I understand your frustration at being held back from doing the things you want, but if you were to get a cadetship without declaring it and then it came up, you would lose your cadetship for lying to them. If your condition is mild and under control, I don't see that it would be a major problem, you may find you have to go for more regular medicals to keep an eye on it. All you can do it go for it, explain the situation and do a couple of backflips for the examiner to show that it's not a problem. Ok maybe not backflips, I can't do them, but as long as you can show that your movement is not an issue I reckon you'll be fine. Best of luck


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      Thank you very much