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  • Mca eng. 1 examination

    Hey I didn't bother signing in to ask this cause I'm a bit sensitive and personal about it so just doing it Annonymously.

    I have the stated medical examination coming up and I was wondering if you have to be vaccinated to pass? I don't take vaccinations will this affect the test at all? Also what does the examination consist of? I'd expect there'd be some sort of physical but what else? Please help out.

    Also how does mild asthma affect my chances of passing?

    P.s I've already used the search function to find my answer and didnt.

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    It's just a quick MOT, check for hernia (cough and drop), eye sight and colour blindness, height weight, pee in the bottle, nothing especially worrying.

    As for vaccinations, go and get them, most companies will insist on them for foreign travels (Yellow Fever) if an engineer get everything you can, there WILL be some playing with the poo tank at some point so you SHOULD have the Hepatitus's and anything else the doc feels is appropriate.
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      Further to chiefly, in order to travel to some countries (eg: Brazil and their Yellow Fever requirements) you will require certain vaccinations or you won't be permitted entry.
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        I have just had a whole dose of vaccinations as a pre-joining requirement for my present employers, so while you will not be forced to take vaccinations for your eng1, if you do not take them then it will severely limit your employment opportunities.

        Many companies also require engineers to be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, I am not sure how strictly this is enforced, but to be honest, regardless of how strict the company is about, you do not want to be working with **** and piss without being protected against some of the nastiness which is in there.

        Is this aversion to vaccination for religious reasons, or have you been persuaded by some alternative medicine nonsense that they are harmful?
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