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  • Potential Fleetwood Cadet Questions


    I have a few questions that I cant find the answers to and would like to remain annoymous please! I am a potential cadet to start at Fleetwood and am worrying a little at of some things as follows:

    -I understand that the rooms in Fleetwood are singles and you dont have to share and they include a sink - but what are the shower facilities like please? I am quite shy with regards to my body and was hoping they are not shared showers like at a swimming pool etc. Are there also plently of toilets and you dont need to que and things like at public loos??? (sounds silly but would like honest answers please - thanks)

    -Also with regards to washing (as in clothes and bedding washing) Does the bedding get washed like in a hotel or do you have to do it yourself??? Also are there facilities to wash clothes at Fleetwood or do you have to find a local laundrette???

    -Also are they strict about comings and goings in and out at night? Im a very light sleeper and often dont need alot and am fond of going for a walk in the middle of the night for a hour or so... Is this something I could continue to do or does it get 'locked down' at a certain time.

    -Last question is about the atmosmere at Fleetwood... I am older than some cadets and have been out of education for a while and was wondering if it was more like school or more like University?

    Thanks in advance for your answers to my strange questions

    Cheers, Q.

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    Hi Q, I'll be brief cos I'm on my phone... Each section, (about 7 rooms) has it's own shower and toilet cubicles, you don't have to shower in front of people. Your bedding gets changed once a week, you don't have to wash it yourself. There is a small laundry room just by the halls block where you can wash your clothes. There is always a security guard around, but you're never locked in. They are quite strict about visitors, and I *think* there may be a curfew for under 18s. Bear in mind that that is written from the experience if someone who was in the halls just before they did a refurb, it might be a little different but not hugely I think.

    In some ways it's a lot like school: uniforms, full day of lessons, tutors get called mr x or sir... But everyone is there because they want to be, and the average age is, at a guess, early 20s, (I was 26 when I started). There are the younger ones who tend to dick about a bit more, but IMHO, when they're in the same class as older people who set a decent example, help them out if they're struggling and tell them to pull it together if they're being a pain, they realise that being a twat isn't going to wash.


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      QQQ, I'm in Fleetwood halls at the moment, just about to leave really... S4 has pretty much covered it all but I just wanted to say: relax! Everything will be fine I don't know if under 18s have curfews but I've gone out/ come back to halls in the middle of the night and it's fine.


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