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Cruiseship, Tankship, Supplyship or Containership?

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  • Cruiseship, Tankship, Supplyship or Containership?

    Whatsup guys, my name is Robin and i'm 16 years old. I have a few questions about which type of ship would be the best to work on. I'm very interested in new cruiseships such as the Oasis of the seas and Allure of the seas, but i've heard that you don't earn to much money on those ships? (as a navigation officer)
    I'm educating to be a navigation officer but i'm not sure which ship I should go for when I get older. I know i'm still young but i'm very determined that i'm going to be a navigation officer. So what type of ship would be the best to work on? Money, workingenvironment etc.
    If you have any experience about working on one of these ships, please share!
    Sincerly Robin

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    Good evening Robin,

    The anonymous forum is for sensitive questions only, we would encourage you to register and post your question in a more appropriate section of the site.
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