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  • Advice and Guidance needed

    Hey everyone....I'm sure you've read similar situations to me before, but I'm hoping that you'll be able to share your experiences/give me advice as to what I should do next.

    Basically, Im half way through my second sea trip with only one more to go before orals. I knew exactly what I signed up for when I took the cadetship and I knew long periods was part of the deal. I have absolutely no qualms with my training, the work, the people on board as they're all excellent......however I'm only just able to keep it all together. Deep down that post cadetship, I wont be able to handle these long periods away from home. I know lots of people will comment saying that it'll get easier, but each day, even through my first trip just got harder and it's similar this time. These trips are affecting me and I can see myself changing from the person I am normally.

    I'm with one of the bigger companies, which, upon completion of my cadetship will either offer me a contract, or not. if they do so, I am obliged to take it and remain in their service for three years or pay a nominated penalty.

    I don't intend to work at sea once qualified and unfortunately I've had to learn this the hard way. I am perfectly willing to pay the penalty for this as I'm grateful for the company investing their time in question is this;

    Should I email my training manager in the near future explaining all of the above and hope he understands, or say nothing until I'm done and just accept the penatly? is this penalty just a way of getting people who are just a little uncertain to stay?

    Any advice anyone can give me will be very much appreciated!

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    Do your orals, and don't say anything yet. Once you've completed, if you can muster up the courage do a trip at sea if they offer it to you. When you make the decision (after the orals), talk to the company about coming ashore, they may offer you a position ashore in lieu and you are in a win win situation.
    There are positions at sea which offer much better home life, such as offshore (4on/4off) or ferries (2 on/off, even get home for lunch sometimes) and then there are cruise ships where if your social its very difficult to miss home as there are so many interesting and fun people to interact with. The options are open.

    The reason I recommend waiting is because you don't want to sour the relationship with your training manager and put extra stress on yourself before the oral. Just focus on completing the cadetship, that should be your primary objective.

    After you've completed the cadetship, you can discuss things directly with the company on a different level, your no longer a cadet, your an Officer.

    Note: This is my advice, please see what other people will comment below which may be different and decide for yourself what you think is best. Also don't be afraid to talk to your parents about this, sometimes they are the people can most help you understand your own decisions. I'm 28 and still phone my Dad for advice(i dont always take his advice, but it helps to talk).


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      I would agree, that the time to address this is after your cadetship, and when the next options are actually on the table for you.

      Your last bits get a bit confused, and im not really sure what you think will be gained by bringing these issues up, i doubt that you will be able to escape without some penalty.

      as you say your perfectly willing to pay the penalty so risking making your working relationship difficult but for no effect.
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        I would agree 100% with AM, hang in there until your cadetship finishes, if they don't offer you a contract then you have nothing to worry about.

        Very few companies will enforce the whole penalty clause, especially if you explain to them that the career is not for you.
        Go out, do stuff


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