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    So I was wondering is there anyway i can stay at home for phase 1 as it would save me a fair amount each month and will be easier i think for me to get on with my studies. I live 15 minutes down the road from Warsash and it seems pointless to stay in their housing as although they say gets me used to being away from home, if i really had an issue with going away i wouldnt chose the merch right?

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    To be honest I have seen this posted a number of times in different guises on the forum and I have thought long and hard about it. As the allowance you get paid is enough for your keep and beer tokens I wonder at the wisdom of staying at home. Part of the experience is the living together, going out and weekends together or going away. College time only accounts for about a third of the total time and I do wonder how much you miss out on by not being there. There is also the experience of being away from home. Now I know you say you will have no problem with going away but I remember on my first trip to sea there being 18 and 19 year old's at Christmas being so homesick because it was their first time away from home that they wanted to sign off. I had been at boarding school for 7 years before that so I could not understand them, I just thought that once you were adult you did not get homesick. There is also the issue of self reliance. How do you know you will be able to cope with all the other matters around being on your own if you have not tried it? I am making an assumption here that you are one of the younger cadets living at home with mum as opposed to a married man living with your own family and been away from home before.

    I know that if we lived 10 miles down the road I would still want my son to stay in the accommodation rather than live at home. But that is just a personal view.

    Hope this helps.

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      I agree with Ian. I remember the lads who lived at home (or pissed off home every weekend) and they missed out on a lot that went on outside of college because they weren't staying in either of the accommodations.
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        I was in the same position with regards to Glasgow and by staying in halls it made the first week and getting to know everyone easier so just do it, it may seem idiotic but it's definitely more fun and makes induction easier.
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          I've read an interview from a Carnival Uk cadet who said that because he lived in poole they sent him to South Tyneside so that he couldn't go home every day. Think that's the whole point of accomadation, give you some independence


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