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    Hello! So basically I'd applied for work as 3rd Off. with a ship delivery company and had totally forgotten about it until today when I was emailed back asking for a copy of my papers and a wage indication. Herein lies the problem. The company is Dutch, I'm British and a young'un and I don't want to ruin my chance at getting this job by demanding a ridiculous amount but at the same time I don't want to get diddled. So what would be a reasonable day rate? I was thinking ?160 thereabouts.
    Thanks in advance for any answers.

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    Assuming you have no experience then I would suggest ?160 is possibly a bit high (?4,800 per month).

    If you have experience elsewhere & as a comparison, take whatever your current salary per month was and divide it by 30... and stick that down.

    Most likely they have set pay scales - I tend to just leave that question blank when its asked and see what they offer.

    If you do get offered less - you can find out onboard what others get and negotiate better next time - at least you would have your foot in the door so to speak.
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      What kind of ship is it that's getting delivered? ?160 per day is pretty reasonable, you've probably got it about right, depending on ship type.


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        I of course don't know your situation but i would take any job as my first job, pretty much regardless of the pay. the pay isnt going to be that much difference from other people as most companies have union agreements that they must fulfill. i know lads who after 12 months of searching still can't get their first job. the average starting rate for a 3rd mate i think is around ?27,000 per annum (someone please correct me if i'm wrong), if of course you're getting paid a annual salary. a friend of mine is on around ?140 day rate as a 3rd mate i think but im not entirely sure. but with no experience at sea other than as a cadet why would they pick you?? i dont want to put you on a downer but there probably a few other lads & ladies going for this job so you have to make yourself more appealing. as Alistair just said maybe leave it blank and see what they come back with. best of luck and i hope you get the job at a very good rate, i hope this is of some help =]


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          ?4800 per month for a 3rd Mate? We pay that sort of wage for Officers on LNG carriers! The wage scales are set based on vessel type, trading area, flag, CBA and nationality of the crewman but I would think that ?2,500 p/m would be a decent round enough figure and is not really out of the ordinary.
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            As the position is likely to be a consolidated day rate (inclusive of leave), your estimate of ?160 isn't probably too far out as in effect it's actually ?2,400 p/m on 1 for 1 leave ratio


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              You'll probably require a Dutch Discharge Book and CEC for the job, which I guess the company will apply for on your behalf. As for money, if your out of a job, just take whatever they are offering you. I'd expect at the very minimum a day rate of 80 GBP upto 160 GBP at the top end for a 3/O depending on ship type. The more you have on your CV, the better.
              Whilst there is an overall shortage of officers worldwide, when your paying 100+ GBP a day for a 3/O they'll be plenty of applicants to choose from, even for temporary work (especially in some cases, I know several people with Masters CoC's who ONLY temp regardless of rank, just to keep busy around other work).


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