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    Hi iv just had my contract from clyde and iv picked all offshore companies and sent it back, but now im having second thoughts that working on my small offshore vessel will make it near impossible to get onto the large container vessels and oil tankers because i don't know what im goin to be doing in a few years times. ( Im pretty sure im getting unlimited ticket)

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    Hi and welcome to Officer Cadet.

    To answer your question... the company you complete your cadetship with doesn't really make a difference to your job hunting prospects on completion of the cadet ship. All cadets when they complete the cadetship have "no experience" so to speak so your all in the same boat. Obviously having sailed on a particular type of ship will give you a slight advantage since you should at least be familiar with the operation.

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    There are several existing threads regarding Clyde Marine company choices, the most recent one being;

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