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clyde marine conditional offer for warsash?

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  • clyde marine conditional offer for warsash?

    hi is it just me or anyone else out there still wating contract for warsash ?it seems clyde sorted it out all other colleges but warsash i had my interwiev on januarary and still wating every time i called them they like you will hear something in 2 weeks just wondering is anyone on the same boat with me?anyone knows anything please share with us thanks

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    I interviewed after you, and I received my proper contract thing on Thursday; for Fleetwood. It's basically down to the college not pulling their fingers out/ or their way of doing things....

    In any case; I wouldn't worry, you should be hearing something soon. If you've rang them, and they've said two weeks; ring back in two weeks, just to chase things up.

    They're going to be pretty busy at the moment, I would imagine.

    I hope that has alleviated any stress for the mean time.



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      dan thanks mate but as you know wait is the killer somehow i feel left out just wondering if there is anybody else waiting to hear for warsash by the way congrats on your contract


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        Exact same boat here mate, sponsoring companies and colleges are still sorting out stuff so a couple more weeks is what i was told, we should be fine


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          rmar11 yeah mate i was told same thing hopefully i will see you in warsash this september as far as i know nobody lost cadetship because of funding so thats the good news finger cross


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