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  • Withdrawn Sponsorship offer

    Hi everyone,

    Earlier this year I was offered sponsorship to start training this September with Meridian. I have contacted them a number of times over the past few months and was basically fobbed off each time and told that the contracts would always be coming out in the next few weeks. These dates have always just come and gone. Yesterday I was sent a letter from them which basically said they were withdrawing their sponsorship offer due to it being a difficult market and that ships are being sold. They basically say they are not taking on any cadets for September or January.

    I'm stunned to be honest and as they were my one offer for September and I had accepted their offer months ago I don't know what to do. Not sure what I'm asking really, if anyone has any advise or knows realisitically who is still interviewing for this September. It seems from having a quick look at the forum that it's all done for this Sept. Is there anyone out there in the same position?


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    Goto and contact every company in the list, e-mail them explaining what has happened with Meridian and attach your CV/Application form, then follow up with the companies regularly.

    I'm sorry to hear that this happened, and wish you all the very best in finding a cadetship.


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      I was sitting on a offer from Meridian, and I had the same letter yesterday. I had a feeling that something was up, when I heard the user Fox, on here, was constantly getting told, the contracts would be sent soon. It's business I'm afraid. . . . and life- nothing is certain; and at least, it's not totally forlorn; there is an offer there for next September; granted it's a long way off; but, still, it's better than no offer at all.

      I've been patiently waiting to get my break in the merchant navy for well over 4 years; I've endured a lot of waiting, interviews, thank you but **** off letters from the RFA, going back to college, and more waiting; and to be honest, I'm pretty much desensitized to all the **** that goes with it now. Thankfully; I am waiting on a contract to come through from CMT next week; for September- as I am also sitting on a conditional offer from them. Nail biting times, but no different than the past 4 and a half years.

      My advice is not to get too down; concentrate on the end product; no matter how far off it may be. Apply to all of the other companies for Jan; and find something else to take your mind off it for now. Use the time to get some pennies in the bank; try and get as many positives out of it as you can. Get your maths up to speed, start looking at navigation/engineering stuff; which ever it is you are doing.

      *If the news from CMT is bad, I expect to be climbing a clock tower with my spud gun.


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        Bibby Ship Management have recruitment dates for April according to their website, so there is another company to go for if you wish.
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          Sorry to hear the bad news from Meridian, it should be some consolation that you were offered a position in the first instance, it is of course unfortunate that they have had to withdraw it but if you have been offered a position in the past you have obviously demonstrated the ability and talent to be accepted. I am quite sure that you will be able to secure a place in the industry, hopefully this year.
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            Well it sounds like you received the same letter that I did. When I think of some of the things they've said to me with hindsight I think this decision was made easily a month perhaps even two months ago. I'm lucky that I have an offer from CMT but Meridian would have been my first choice. I do think it's poor that they've told people so late on in the game.

            If I was you just apply to everyone, I wouldn't even bother asking if they'd finished recruiting for Sept, people say yes then go with another company or just drop out. At the least you should hopefully be considered for January.


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